My Relationship with Longganisa (Or Finding My Writing Triggers)

After typing the title for this post, I realized that it kinda sounds like the title of an x-rated film. Lol.

At last Saturday’s Write On Workshop, one of the topics was time management and finding time to write for your blog. Martine said that one of the ways we can keep our writing momentum going is to write while an idea or inspiration is hot. During the discussion, I got to thinking about my writing triggers, or what usually gets my creative juices flowing. I came to the surprising realization that some of my best ideas for posts (or scripts, articles and other stuff I need to write) have come to me while I was cooking longganisa. I kid you not. A couple of weeks ago, I actually composed an entire pitch for a blog post series that I want to do on my BlackBerry while cooking longganisa at dawn. Talk about striking while it’s literally hot!

Another successful Dainty Mom Writing Workshop!
Another successful Dainty Mom Writing Workshop!

I also get really good ideas while in the bathroom taking a shower, brushing my teeth, or doing other stuff that I’m sure you guys do in the bathroom too. Ever since I was in school, bathroom breaks were great thinking opportunities for me. In fact, when I was still working and someone would ask me for my inputs on things, I would think a little, go to the bathroom to pee, and come back with so many different ideas. Too much info, but totally true. These bathroom ideas though aren’t as good as the ones that I get while cooking, and really, the best ones happen when I’ve got longganisa in the pan.

It sounds weird, but it really works (for me, at least). And yes, I cook longganisa that often haha. My family loves sausage in general, and when we feel like having Pinoy food for breakfast, it usually involves a silog of some sort. Most of the time it’s longsilog. Not very good for the waistline, I know, but great for work! Here’s proof: I thought up this post while reheating some leftover longganisa for brunch this morning. True story!

How about you? What are your writing triggers? 🙂





P.S. I actually tried to make my own longganisa once, using a recipe I found online. It came out really yummy! The link to the original recipe can be found in this blog post. 🙂


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11 thoughts on “My Relationship with Longganisa (Or Finding My Writing Triggers)

  1. Hi Pat!! Me naman, way back when I was still breastfeeding Lyndel, all those ideas for pitches and craft projects and everything under the sun came up everytime I feed. And man, I fed L for hours! 🙂 My old mobile’s notes used to have lots of random ideas 🙂 But now that you’ve mentioned longganisa, I wish I have a pack here now for a super early breakfast 😀 ahaha

  2. Uy you know what, I remembered Bob Ong’s book na Stainless Longganisa. It’s about writing. Stainless Longganisa is a pen eh di ba. La lang, ang astig lang that your inspiration to write is a longganisa. Serendipity. Hehe. 🙂

  3. Most of my blog ideas come when I’m on the road – whether it’s a quick trip from my house to the office (or vice versa) or a trip to some far away land. That’s why heavy traffic has never bothered me and I guess it’s why I love traveling so much – I find inspiration to write (though what I write has absolutely nothing to do with where I am at physically)!

    And yes, sometimes, like Russ, some ideas come to me when I am seconds away from slumber so I end up losing a lot of sleep just writing.

    My boyfriend and I happened over Lucban longganisa hihihi. We have a steady supply now being he hails from Lucban and yes, it is responsible for the inflation of my midsection. Sinangag using the leftover oil from the longganisa is just divine. 🙂

  4. The title does not sound like an x-rated film at all. But it was really interesting. Makes you wanna click and read. So, success! 🙂 Haha!

    Anyway, I’ve never really thought of what triggers me to write. I really should start thinking about that so that I can “find” time to write more! 🙂

  5. The stuff that I want to write about are normally triggered when I am in bed, right before I’m supposed to go sleep. Then I end up not sleeping because I don’t only think about the theme and tone of what I’m going to write .. there’s a mental picture of the layout already. Are you also like that? There are just so many ideas in my brain.

    Nothing beats Pinoy silog meals 🙂
    My friend sells Ilocos ( I think ) longganisa. He stays in Alabang Hills. You text your order and you go to his house to get it. You should try it, it’s really good!

    1. Oh, that used to happen to me too! But lately, since I started waking up early, my brain is usually mush by dinner time and I rarely spend sleepless nights thinking about writing and blog layouts and stuff hehe. And yes, when I think about my posts, I usually have photos in mind already and everything. 🙂

      I want to try your friend’s longganisa! Does he have a Facebook page or website? 🙂

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