Can This Be Love (I’m Feeling Right Now)

I think I’ve found myself a new computer. I’m pretty sure that it fits the requirements I set in my blog post the other day. It’s pricey, but MrC says I should look at this purchase as an investment rather than an expense. Of course I think he’s right.

What do you guys think of this? It’s a Lenovo, Intel Core i5 2.6GHz, 4GB DDR3 Memory, 1TB Hard Disk Drive, Nvidia GeForce GT60M 2GB, with Windows8. The best part about it is it has a giant exhaust system, which is exactly what I need. My last laptop died of a heatstroke.

Yes? Go for it? Β πŸ™‚

Lenovo. I will call him Lenny!

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16 thoughts on “Can This Be Love (I’m Feeling Right Now)

  1. Hi, Mommy! Sorry! Nosebleed ako sa blog post na ‘to. Hindi ko alam yang Intel Core keme-keme na yan. Si hubby ang inaasahan ko sa mga ganyan. Basta alam ko lang, kung makakainternet at makakablog ka, gows! Hehehe! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi.. Pc Express is offering Lenovo Z400 for 28500 cash basis with a lot of freebies.. Almost same specs except for the processor which is on i3.. I was about to go for it the other day but opted for something lower in memory..

  3. Yes. I think that is a reasonable price for 1TB HDD and 4GB DDR3 na plus the processor is not so bagal naman for 2.6gHz and i5 pa. Ok na yan. Kase for mac additional 5k pa ata for 2gb RAM eh. Mommy Roxi is right is single tab lang nka open for photo editing ok na din.

  4. I think for basic internet browsing, blogging, office work etc. that is okay na. But if you’ll be doing photo/video editing, I’d go for an i7 laptop which would be like 8-10k more. I have an i5, with 6GB RAM, medyo laggy na pag 5 or more tabs of Adobe CS6 files ang open.

    1. Thank you for the inputs! πŸ™‚ I don’t do heavy loads of graphics work naman, it’s really mostly editing photos for my blog. Occasionally I’ll have to do a big video or photo project, but feeling ko naman kaya πŸ™‚ ended up with this laptop na kasi I super need to get back on workmode! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m not about to get in the way of love at first sights, so even if I’m a mac person, I’d say, GO FOR IT PATTY! Haha so funny how people like us “fall in love” with gadgets. What a bunch of geeks. πŸ™‚

  6. What model is that? I searched the series and good reviews so far. Not really a fan of Windows 8…yet (I’d reformat that to Win7 Ultimate x64, but that’s just me haha!) Plus I think there are still cheaper laptops with similar specs, but it’s good enough for me πŸ™‚

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