A Mad Science Party

My son and most of his friends turned/are turning 7 this year, and so we’ve been attending a lot of parties. A few weeks ago, he and I went to a Mad Science -themed party in Alabang Country Club. The little guy told me that they had a similar activity in school during the foundation week last year. MrC told me later on when he saw the party photos that it was actually the exact same group who came to school.

The party theme and activities were really great for the age group of the invited guests. I noticed at the last few parties we’d been to that while magic shows, puppet shows and clowns were still enjoyed by the kids, you could no longer see that level of awe and amazement that they had when they were 4 or 5 years old. I love how the science experiments and interactive activities at the Mad Science party were educational too.

We got there just as the food was being served. I didn’t know anyone at the party, and had actually just met the celebrant and his mom that day, so I felt it would be awkward to go around and take pictures of the food and decor. The party was catered by the club and they had the usual spaghetti, lechon (roasted pig), barbecue and sandwiches. There were also mini donuts from JCo. The room was covered in balloon decor, as you’ll see in most of my photos.

This duo was pretty cool. They were kinda link Simon and Garfunkel-ish.
This duo was pretty cool. They were kinda link Simon and Garfunkel-ish. I think one of them was the celebrant’s dad.

Meanwhile, here's what the kids looked like as they listened to the duo perform.
Meanwhile, here’s what the kids looked like as they listened to the duo perform.

The performance started the afternoon’s program off, and immediately after, the scientists started setting up for their experiments. Of course, the kids were excited for that. You can see their eagerness to get started from the way their faces changed from the photo above to this:

Mad Science-5
Volunteering to be the mad scientist’s assistant
Mad Science-4
Watching the mad scientist setup the next experiment

Each of the bigger kids got to be assistants that day, and both the older kids and younger kids ooh-ed and aah-ed as the scientist made things appear, disappear, change states, expand and even explode. With every experiment, he explained the scientific principle behind the reactions and results, making the activity a great learning experience for the kids in attendance.

Here are some of the experiments that I was able to photograph. In this first one, the scientist mixed up different liquids inside the cup and then turned it over above this little boy’s head. See his worried face? He was afraid he would get wet. But nothing came out of the overturned cup! The liquids combined to form a gel-like substance. The scientist explained that these are the same chemicals used in baby diapers. The mixture actually smelled like soap.

Mad Science-6
Experiment #1

My little boy and a classmate were the volunteer helpers for the next one. They were told that they were going to make webs like Spiderman.

Mad Science-7
Pouring acetone on a styrofoam cup
Mad Science-8
The next step was to pull the two ends of the cup apart.
Mad Science-9
The acetone melted the styro cup and left behind web-like strands. Pretty cool, but I’m guessing that this might be bad for the environment.

I have to admit that I was also pretty amazed by the experiments we saw that afternoon. It was fun feeling like a big kid, though it would have been nicer if MrC was there with us. He stayed home that day because he was feeling under the weather. I remember we did a bunch of them in high school and college science class.

Mad Science-10
See how these liquids combine to form gas…
Mad Science-11
… and inflate this balloon! The little girl was impressed.
Mad Science-12
My little guy mixing up his bouncy rubber mixture, which could be shaped into a ball.We didn’t have a nice mold at home though, so we now have a bouncy rubber lump.

It was a great party experience, and an amazing concept for a 7-year old’s birthday. I’m glad we were able to come to this one. šŸ™‚

Have any of you been to a mad science party? How did you find the experience? Id love to hear from you!





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  1. Hi. Your blog is really interesting. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, I’m also interested in this kind of theme for my son’s birthday but we’re quite on a budget though. But do you know how much is the Mad Science Birthday party package? Thanks so much and God bless. ^_^

  2. Mad Science was invited in one of the schools I’ve worked for when I was still in the Philippines. The experiments are entertaining and educational. It is good to have them in parties.

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