Need A Driver? This Giveaway Is For You!

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about how I would totally love to have a driver on hectic days. I mentioned at the end of that post that if a lot of my friends and readers say that they too would benefit from having a driver, maybe Dial A Driver would grant their wishes. Guess what? I was right!

Dial A Driver is a registered service company that provides polite, honest and skilled chauffeurs to drive you in your car on a need basis. Clients pay for a driver only when they need one.

This business is owned by my friends Tracey Gonzales and Jal delas Llagas, and friendship aside, I honestly think that it’s a great idea. I’ve dialed a driver myself, and believe me when I tell you that it makes life more convenient. It is important to note though that Dial A Driver provides drivers, not vehicles. So basically, their driver will drive your car. Don’t worry, these are professional, highly experienced drivers.

Driving is such a chore.

I do have a very helpful husband who agrees to drive for me on days when I feel lazy, or when I’m unfamiliar with the place I’m going to, but we also have a son who goes to school, has homework and needs to sleep early at night so he can wake up early for class. We also do not have a yaya (nanny), so either MrC or I need to act as yaya and tutor on school days. That means that on weekday dinner meetings or events, I’m basically on my own.

Thing is I don’t like to drive at night. My eyesight is not that good, plus I was diagnosed with a limited peripheral vision. It’s hard enough driving, navigating and parking in the morning with the crazy nuts and overly aggressive drivers out there. Night driving outside Alabang, unless it’s an emergency, is out of the question. So for weekday dinner meetings when I don’t have MrC, like our Manila Workshops team meeting last night, I’m glad that I have Dial A Driver.

Here are five ways they make life easy for me:

1. No need to worry about getting lost.
My driver of choice, Kuya Jing, told me that he and his co-drivers are familiar with almost all major thoroughfares in Manila, and even certain parts of North and South Luzon. He joked, “Wag lang sa Visayas at Mindanao, hindi pa namin na-try doon” (Just don’t have us drive you to Visayas or Mindanao. We’ve not gone that far yet).

Kuya Jing, Instagrammed!
Kuya Jing, Instagrammed!

I’m used to being the navigator while MrC drives, but I can’t multitask while I’m driving. So whenever I’m on my own, I tend to get lost, miss turns, get disoriented and end up frustrated. Having someone who is familiar with the places you need to go really takes a load off your shoulders, trust me.

2. No need to worry about parking.
There are just places in this world where parking is a problem. BGC is one of them. The Makati Business District is another. Plus, ever since MrC told me that there’s a Facebook group that shares photos of bad parking jobs, I’ve become extra conscious about how I position my car. That means that parking, which already takes me a few minutes to do, takes even longer. Not good when I’m in a rush. Extra bad when it’s raining!

Forever full parking at BGC
Forever full parking at BGC

My one concern at first with Dial A Driver was that I super hate it when drivers hang out inside the car while waiting for their bosses to finish whatever errand or business they’re doing. Tracey made it clear that this is against their company policy, mainly because having drivers hang out in cars makes the vehicle more prone to car-napping. I did not know that! It’s a good tip actually, and you guys who have drivers should take note of this too. After Kuya Jing parks, he usually hangs around the drivers’ area or somewhere near my car so that he can keep an eye on it. I like that. It gives me a sense of security.

3. No need to worry about traffic.
Isn’t the traffic in Manila such a time waster? Instead of sitting in the car, clutching my steering wheel in frustration, I’d rather sit in the passenger seat and type away on my BlackBerry. I love answering emails on my phone, and my friend Toni of Wifely Steps can attest to that! As a WAHM, one thing I had to learn to do is work on the go, and I can definitely do that when someone drives for me. I don’t do this when MrC is at the wheel though, coz he doesn’t like it. I agree that it’s kind of rude, and of course I’d rather spend our travel time talking and dancing to songs on the radio! But Kuya Jing doesn’t seem to mind when I quietly click away on my phone while he worries about navigating through yucky traffic, so yay!

President's Ave traffic, Instagrammed!
President’s Ave traffic, Instagrammed!
SM Aura traffic, Instagrammed!
SM Aura traffic, Instagrammed!

4. No need to stress over multiple stops.
Yesterday, I went to get gas, then made a quick trip to the bank. After that, I went to Ace Print Master to pick up some things I had printed. Then I was off to BGC. Normally, I’d choose to go to only one place at a time because, like I said earlier, parking and traffic both suck. But this isn’t a concern when you have a driver.

The first of several stops. Ah, errands!
Just one of several stops. Ah, errands!

5. It actually saves time. And time is GOLD!
If you’re with someone who is familiar with the roads, you won’t get lost. And then you don’t need to worry about parking. And the best part is you get dropped off right at your destination. That actually buys you extra time, if you think about it. In my case yesterday, it bought me 45 extra minutes, which I spent leisurely sipping Almond Milk Tea at Saints Alp. Super yum. You should try it!

Me-time, Instagrammed!
Me-time, Instagrammed!

So, are you guys sold? I hope so.

Giveaway time! MrsC’s Sugarcoated Life and Dial A Driver are giving away free driver hours to 4 lucky blog readers! Yay!!! 

Two winners will win 6-hour Driver Service GC’s, and two winners will get 12-hour GC’s. Here’s how to join

To qualify for the 6-hour GC raffle, you have to accomplish the the following mandatories on the Rafflecopter widget below:

Once you’re done with the mandatories, you can earn bonus points when you:

  • Post about the giveaway on Facebook. Use this message, and don’t forget to tag! “Would you like to have a driver for a day? Join @MrsC’s Sugarcoated Life and @Dial A Driver Manila’s giveaway at”
  • Tweet about the giveaway. Use this tweet, and again, don’t forget to tag! “Would you like to have a driver for a day? Join @MrsPCuyugan and @DialADriverPH’s giveaway at”

You earn 50 raffle entries when you do all that!

Now, if you want to qualify for the 12-hour GC prize, you need to do one extra step.

Write a blog post or a Facebook Note about your most memorable driver-less experience. It can be a scary story, a funny one, and angry one or a sad one. We will choose the two most unique and interesting stories to win the prize. If you do write a post, don’t forget to indicate that it is an official entry to this giveaway. And please enter your URL in the Rafflecopter widget too. Bonus: accomplishing this step earns you 10 additional raffle points! Exciting!

UPDATE: We will pick the best two comments to be the winners of the 12-hour GC prize. Woohoo! 🙂

Fine print: The giveaway will run from July 18 to August 1, 2013. The GC prizes are valid for Metro Manila trips only. Prior booking with D.A.D. is required when you decide to use your GC. Winners will be contacted by Tracey or Jal after the contest for redemption of prizes.  A person can only win once. Winners will be announced on August 5.

So, are you ready to win? Go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everybody! We’re excited to read your stories!


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22 thoughts on “Need A Driver? This Giveaway Is For You!

  1. OMG! I am so happy to see your blog post about D.A.D.! This is such a relief because I am pregnant and my husband is always on call. Most of the time I need to go to the bank, grab one of my food cravings at the mall and run errands. Being pregnant, considering I am on my 1st trimester and I am on progesterone ‘aka pampakapit’. Everyone is so protective of me when it comes to driving but there’s no one else to do what I need to do :(. With D.A.D, I can go to all these places and finish things I need to do without worrying everyone that I am driving.

  2. I would use the DAD’s services for these:

    1.) a date with my hubby without either of us having to drive.
    2.) to bring my son to his therapies, so we can have bonding time on the way.
    3.) date my daughter, just the two of us. When I drive, she tries to climb over me while I’m driving!

  3. Our daughter’s birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I need to go to the ever reliable Divisoria for my party needs! It’s a pain to commute though (having to lug around my loot up and down the LRT/MRT, etc.). A D.A.D. win would super help me finish this task efficiently! 🙂

  4. I would like to win this as a gift to my parents who are in their 70’s. They need a driver badly and since they can’t find a good one, then DAD would be the next best thing. I’m hoping it will lead to a good relationship between them.

  5. i need a d.a.d because i have so many errands to do almost everyday and i have to bring my son to his reading intervention class where the building doesnt provide parking for their tenants which means i have to park road side bring him to class then go down then park again to the near by mall then walk back to the bldg. plus my slipped disc aches so bad when i drive in traffic. now add a new sked of me needing my own physical therapy… now i really need a D.A.D

  6. I miss being a pasahero lang! Just learned how to drive five years ago due to necessity (my dad got sick so no one will drive na for the family, my brothers are in the US naman). I miss sleeping in the car and just enjoying the surroundings, not unlike when you’re the driver, you can’t divert your attention. And yes, looking for parking spaces can also eat up your time!

    1. Dozing off in the car is actually one of the things I miss about being a passenger. Even really quick naps makes such a difference in my energy level for the day, specially when I had to work late the night before.

  7. Hi Patty! I need a driver since I need to go to meetings (tons of them) in different areas AND I need to bring my baby with me to breastfeed. I’m the type who breastfeeds anywhere with a nursing cover (even in the car) and I find it uncomfortable to nurse inside a taxi 🙂 Winning this will really help me and baby go to these different meetings safely 🙂

  8. This idea is so cool, Patty! I am really sold on all the advantages you enumerated. Did you give Kuya Jing tip or fare to go home after? Buy him lunch or something? 🙂

  9. I SO need a driver! As a WAHM I don’t need to go out everyday. But whenever I do, it’s either I commute or ask my ever reliable hubby to drive. Commuting can be such a headache so the best option has been to have hubby drive me around. However, he works at night and has to sleep during the day. So whenever he has to drive me somewhere that means he has to sacrifice on much-needed sleep, which is SO NOT good. So, I’d really need to dial a driver for those days when I need to go out. It would solve my transpo dilemmas! 🙂

    Janice Lim

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