MrsC’s Tried and Tested Baon Plan #1

I wake up at 5am on weekday mornings and immediately head to the kitchen. I prepare breakfast for our family, and pack recess and lunch for my son. It’s a bit of a challenge figuring out what to make every day, especially where the packed meals or baon is concerned. Thing is, I really cannot falter because Little MrC’s grade level does not have access to the school canteen yet, and so he is stuck eating whatever he has in his lunchbox. So, I took this challenge head on from the moment school started, and I am now on my third week and doing okay so far.

I figured that I must not be the only mommy with meal planning woes. I’m also pretty sure that there are many early morning iron chef mamas out there who, like me, are in charge of making sure that their kids have a proper meal to eat in school each day. And so I’ve decided to share my weekly lunchbox meal plans, and also impart some kitchen wisdom in what worked, what didn’t and why. Sounds like a plan? Yes, a meal plan! Sorry, I know I’m too corny to function. Forgive me, I’ve been up since (you guessed it!) 5am.

Before you leave this page out of boredom from my corny jokes, I bring you MrsC’s Tried and Tested Baon Plan #1. This is what I packed for my son on the first week of school, which happened to fall on the third week of June.

Recess: Vjandep Pastel – First discovered in Cagayan de Oro, this time bought from Market Market.
Lunch: Purefoods Chicken Nuggets, boiled carrots and rice – Always a fave among the kiddies. Plus boiled carrots for added vitamins.

Recess: PB&J Sandwich
Lunch: Breaded pork, corn & carrots, and rice – I used lomo (tenderloin) so it’s super soft.

Recess: Strawberry Pop Tarts – Since we have a whole box from our Duty Free shopping spree.
Lunch: Pork adobo, banana and rice – My mom’s epic recipe. Best eaten with a ripe banana.

Recess: Grilled Cheese Pandesal – Prepared in our trusty Big Boss Grill.
Lunch: Daing na bangus, chopsuey and rice – I buy the Century marinated and frozen bangus (milk fish). It’s pretty good and it’s boneless too.

Recess: Voice Overload cracker sandwich and apple slices
Lunch: Tocino, scrambled egg and rice – I tried the CDO young pork tocino for the first time. It’s good for baon because it’s really soft.

Week 1
Week 1

So there you go! Hope you guys are able to get some ideas from this meal plan. Let me know if it helped you somehow. I’d love if you could share your meal plans and recipe ideas too. And please, come back next week, there’s more to look forward to then!





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19 thoughts on “MrsC’s Tried and Tested Baon Plan #1

  1. Miraculously, I was able to prepare lunch for my husband for an entire week! I did not get that much complaints from him so I think I was successful considering that he is a VERY, VERY pick eater hahaha!

    I am now about to start with the second week of making his baon. What I learned from last week is that you really do need to be prepared: make a meal plan, know what ingredients you have or do not have, go to the grocery and stock up.

    Whew! Nakakapagod din pala magluto hahaha! πŸ˜€

  2. I love your menu plan, looks great to print out and use as a weekly planned menu! Thanks for the suggestion, Inspiring to create once I’ll get pre-schoolers πŸ™‚

  3. Namiss ko tuloy ang pastel. That yema filling! Winner Cordero. Hehe.
    2nd year na sa preschool ang daughter ko and so far, mas magana na siya kumain kaya masarap na pabaunan. Dati biskwit-biskwit lang okay na. πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t yet have a pre schooler but will keep this in mind. I guess when that time comes I won’t be having hard time to balance my time into chores and other domestic duties. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nakakatuwa naman, mommy! Parang ang saya lang mag-prepare ng baon every morning for the kids noh? My daughter isn’t schooling yet pero ngayon pa lang namo-mroblema na ako kung ano ang ipapabaon ko sa kanya kapag nag-school na siya. Prito lang kasi alam ko, madalas nasusunog pa. Hehehe! Thanks for this post. I’m sure babalikan ko ‘to in the future! πŸ™‚

  6. Hindi pa pumapasok baby ko sa school but I will definitely keep this in mind para prepared nko when she does. Very picky eater baby ko thinking of so many ways para lang kumain sya. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it’s never too early to start preparing! I wish I had started thinking about this years ago so that it wouldn’t have come as such a shock when the time came. But I seem to be coping well so far, thank goodness! πŸ™‚

  7. My kids aren’t going to school yet, but meal times at home are VERY challenging. My eldest, especially, is very picky with her food. She doesn’t like yung paulit-ulit. Constantly tuloy ako nagreresearch for new recipes that kids will enjoy.

    I like your menu, though. My husband will love that. Lol.

  8. Nice menu for your baon. I did that for my daughter too. Hers is more of a snack lang talaga. Baka next year na sya maglunch sa school.

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