Kiddo Conversations: On The Little Mermaid

Because I’m still sick and stuck in bed, I’ve attempted to take control of the TV remote.

Mommy: Look, Babe, it’s The Little Mermaid! This is nice! Have you seen this?

Kiddo: …

M: Let’s watch this okay?

K: I saw this already. I don’t really wanna watch this.

M: Why not?

K: Secret.

M: I want to know why.

K: Coz it’s for girls.

M: No it’s not! It’s nice!

The Little Mermaid on Disney Channel!

We watch for a bit and get to the part where flounder and Ariel are looking around in the sunken ship and Flounder gets spooked when he sees a skeleton. The kiddo and I laugh. After a few seconds…

K: Okay let’s watch this til daddy comes out of the bathroom.

M: You like it, no?

K: No! (Trying to hide his smile, of course)

What are you guys doing today? 🙂

xo Patricia C.
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