I Need A Driver

Yesterday was one of those days when I just really wished I had a driver. Luckily, I have MrC who agrees to drive me around whenever I make my kawawa (sad-looking) face. Here’s the gist. Yesterday was coding day, and I had back to back meetings in BGC. I also had to bring the little guy to school and pick him up after school. I was supposed to cab it to BGC because MrC also had a scheduled meeting in Merville yesterday morning. Luckily he ended up not having to go to the meeting, and so I pulled my kawawa face and asked him to drive me instead.

I could actually have driven myself, but after having gotten up at 5am to prepare the kiddie’s baon, then sneaking in as much work as I could in between dropping him off at school and preparing to leave for my meeting, I was kind of zombified already, and in no condition to drive. Plus parking can be such a headache in BGC on weekdays, and I really did not want to subject myself to that. So, long story short, he said yes to being my driver sweet lover for the day.

First stop was the kid’s school at 7:20 am. The school is literally 5 minutes away, but because of traffic it usually takes us 20-30 minutes to drop him off and get back home.

Second stop, the ATM machine. Had to withdraw cab money.

Third stop, Shell station to get gas. Yay for not having to take a cab anymore!

Fourth stop, Kuppa for my back to back meetings.

Fifth stop (for MrC), SM Aura for solo time, lunch and muni muni.

Sixth stop, Kuppa again, to pick me up. I was just about to finish my meeting when he arrived, then I had to wait in line for the restroom for over 5 minutes. I really needed to pee so I didn’t want to leave without relieving myself. And so he patiently waited maybe 10-15 minutes for me, in the car outside Kuppa.

Seventh stop, South Supermarket Alabang to buy an afternoon snack for the kiddo. We reached Alabang just as the coding window ended.

Eighth stop, home to sneak in a little bit more work before it was time to get the little boy.

Ninth stop, school for pickup. Again it took much longer than it should have to get the kid and come back home.

Imagine if I had to do all that on my own! It’s a good thing MrC was around. But what if he was busy that day? To tell you honestly though, I’m starting to feel bad that he has to hang around and wait for me every time I ask him to take me to a meeting or a workshop or event. Of course he says it’s ok, but I know he also has his own set of things to do. Plus, I feel bad about subjecting him so often to the stress of traffic, getting lost, looking for new and unfamiliar places, and horrible parking conditions.

I already know that I will have many more days like yesterday, and some may even be worse. Next time, I think I will dial a driver. Yes, there is actually a company that offers drivers for hire on a daily basis. It’s called Dial A Driver, and it’s owned by my good friends, Jal and Tracey, and they actually reminded me that I can give them a call anytime to book someone to drive me around when manic days like yesterday strike. I love that I have them as my safety net when I have to go someplace unfamiliar or visit several areas in one day.

I know most of you moms go through similar days too, and wouldn’t you just love to have a driver in times like these? Imagine not having to worry about traffic and parking! You can even tweet or sleep while in transit. How easy would your day be if you had a driver at your disposal? Where would you go? And how would you spend your time as a passenger? I’d love to hear what you mommies have to say! Who knows, the lovely people of Dial A Driver might just hear your pleas and send you a driver for a day. Now, wouldn’t that be fab?





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22 thoughts on “I Need A Driver

  1. This is a good idea! Will take note of this once my husband-driver-counsel is busy with his work. A nice business concept your friend got here.

  2. My husband told me to learn how to drive because I almost can’t go anywhere without him. Not that I refuse commuting but I don’t know how to. Literally. Plus, cabs would definitely slash my pocket! Ouch!

  3. Oh my I’d go like around the city, run all my errands and then off to work. So convenient if I had a driver πŸ™‚ That’s an awesome business your friends have!

  4. Thanks for sharing Dial-A-Driver. Checked out their website and was surprised to find out that their office is close to home (BF) and just a few houses away from my in-laws. Wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for your blog πŸ™‚

    I bring my kids to and from school everyday; one goes to school in Alabang and the other one in BF Northwest. Plus I have meetings and errands on some days. You can just imagine how much energy I’m left with at the end of each day. I love doing it for my kids but sometimes I just wish I had a driver πŸ™‚

  5. I could really relate with you, although I am not booked for back to back meetings like you. Hehe! I wish I could drive, but I’m so scared plus parking really is a hassle.

  6. Thanks for sharing about Dial-a-Driver. I’ve already bookmarked them!!! I really need one on days when I have back-to-back meetings. I’d love for Ton to NOT have to drive me all the time, though he never says “no”. Hope to contact them soon, because I have a string of appointments coming up!

    1. Bong also rarely says no, and usually when he does it’s because he needs to do something super important. I know what you mean, it would be nice to not have to depend on the hubbies all the time, and give them a well-deserved break. πŸ™‚ Having Dial a Driver there makes life much easier!

  7. That Dial a Driver is a very neat idea. Grabe busy ng day mo. You’re lucky to have a MrC who’s very patient and supportive πŸ™‚

  8. That would really be fab! πŸ™‚ I can so relate this. As you know, my hubby works at night. Yet, whenever I need transportation for my meetings during the day, he gamely drives me around, with our toddler in tow, even if he hasn’t had sleep yet and has to go to work again that night. I really appreciate his efforts of course but wish that there could be an alternative for those days when it would really be best for him to stay home. Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  9. Oooohhh I can SO relate to this post! I was just telling Mariel last week that I wish we had a driver (and our own car, not the borrowed one we’re currently using, ha, ha!) because now, with Anne, it’s harder to go around, especially to bring the kids to activities they used to attend before I gave birth, like soccer class for Tim! Will check out Dial a Driver now! πŸ™‚

    1. I can only imagine how hard it is juggling your 2 kids’ schedules, plus your own, plus Anthony’s with baby Anne in tow! One million times harder than what I have to go through. You’re such an amazing mama. You deserve a driver!

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