I Killed My Blog

No, actually, I killed my child theme. This is what I get for trying to edit my child theme on my own, DIY style, trial by fire. Yes, I was smart enough to back up my original stylesheet, but that was a while back and I cannot find the file on my already too full computer. Grrrrr!

This must be a sign that it’s time to have my blog design done already. And in the meantime while my blog is plain and boring and not very pink, I will actually be able to assess things and figure out what I want to put in it. Makes sense, yes?

So kids, before you mess with your HTML/CSS/back-end stuff, make sure you super super know what you’re doing. I super know what I’m doing, but not super, SUPER, and so there you go. That’s my kwento (story) for today.



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16 thoughts on “I Killed My Blog

  1. I used to be so good at HTML, back in the days when time can be spent leisurely! Now I have no patience to relearn them so I just went and paid someone to do my blog design. I’m thinking of moving to WP soon but I’m afraid for my stats to go back to zero!

  2. Are you using blogger platform before? The new one isn’t that bad. It looks clean. I am having second thoughts also in migrating to wordpress. I should learn the loops first before making a drastic change or else I might end up crazy at the end of the day for punching wrong buttons.

    1. I started out on Blogger before then migrated to WordPress last year. I’m actually happy na now with this new one coz I figured out how to make it pink. Haha. But still having the design re-done. I’m more familiar really with customizing Blogger. I find it easier coz I used to design my own blog back in college. Now with WP it’s a bit of an adjustment.

  3. I spent a lot of time editing and tweaking my blog. I also did it on my own kasi wala budget. 🙂 Nakakaloka lang talgaa buti na lang have a little knowledge of HTML. You blog looks nice and dainty 🙂

  4. Hello classmate! I can’t remember if I saw how your blog looked like before, but I just wanasey that this new one actually looks nice and clean and pretty! Minimalist all the way. I love pink too! And lol about messing up with CSS–I know how it feels. 😉

    1. My old layout looked kind of like candy actually… Pink, orange and yellow with polka dots. I miss it huhuhu. But honestly, I’m starting to get over it. Getting excited for the face lift! And I like my temp look now because this morning I figured out how to make it pink! Yay! Yesterday it was teal and depressing. Lol. Thanks for stopping by, classmate! 😀

  5. Lol. I’ve been editing my blog on my own ever since I transferred to WordPress. Gosh, it looks aweful. 😀 I’m thinking of having my design done as well — but that will need to wait until I have the budget for it.

      1. And wow. I cannot believe I just spelled awful ‘aweful’ Hahaha. This only means one thing: I need to stop sleeping late trying to edit my blog layout. :))

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