Baon Plan # 5 Plus a Recipe for Lazy Pizza Grilled Cheese

Woohoo for  a whole successful month of packing recess and lunch for my son! We move on to month two now, and I’m pleased to say that this early morning cooking task is easier to do and feels more natural now. I love it, I am making progress!

I found out from my son that some of his classmates pack hotdogs and spam with rice for lunch. One of his classmates even has McDonalds almost every day! I now feel so proud of myself for really making an effort to prepare freshly cooked healthy meals for my little boy each and every day. I’m also super proud of MrC for stepping in for me on days when I couldn’t be in the kitchen, like during Week 4 when I was sick. Teamwork and cooperation is key!

So, here’s what we prepared on Week 5.

Breakfast: Crumpy sandwich -(Crumpy is one of our fave sandwich spreads! Yum!)
Recess: Pomelo (Dad’s pasalubong straight from Davao.)
Lunch: Baked pork ribs (Leftover from dinner prepared by Lola.)

Pomelo is yum!
Pomelo is yum!

Breakfast: Hotsilog (Hotdog, rice and egg! Always a fave at our house.)
Recess: Orange slices
Lunch: Chicken drumettes

One spaghetti (for Tita Rocky), two spaghetti (for the kiddo)
One spaghetti (for Tita Rocky), two spaghetti (for the kiddo)

Breakfast: Pancakes
Recess: Banana
Lunch: Kiddie spaghetti

Every once in a while, a junky breakfast is in order. Shoot me. Lol!
Yes, I know how to cook rice the traditional way!

Breakfast: Vienna sausage and sweet luncheon meat with rice
Recess: Pomelo again!
Lunch: Homemade longganisa bits (Marketman’s recipe) and scrambled eggs

Longganisa bits. So good!
There wasn’t enough longganisa for two, so I packed fish nuggets for my sister.

Breakfast: Pizza grilled cheese – a yummy twist on a classic fave
Recess: Banana again!
Lunch: Italian meatballs (the last from this batch) and cheese gravy (My mom’s signature sauce. Too yum to function!)

Okay, here’s how to prepare Lazy Pizza Grilled Cheese. Sorry for the blurry BlackBerry photos. I really should start using a better camera (which I happen to have, mind you!)

You need: Bread, Pepperoni, Cheese, Italian Seasoning and Ketchup (pizza sauce is better, if you have it). Big Boss Grill, optional.
Step1: Spread ketchup or pizza sauce onto your bread, then sprinkle with Italian seasoning.
Step2: Top with cheese. If you have mozzarella, then yay. Otherwise, any cheese will work.
Step3: Layer pepperoni over the cheese. Mine obviously is fresh out of the freezer. See the ice? Lol!
Step4: Top with another slice of bread with sauce and Italian seasoning.
Step5: Grill. You can do this on a pan, or with any sandwich maker you may have, or with a panini press. I used a handy dandy Big Boss Grill.
Step6: Slice in half for effect, and enjoy!

Yes, Pizza Grilled Cheese is really yummy, so you should try it!

Shameless plug before I end this post! My friends over at Manila Workshops and I have partnered with Nanay’s Lunches with Love for an amazing Bento Lunchbox Workshop. It’s gonna be on September 14, 2014, 1-4PM at Babyland, Shaw. If you guys wanna take your baon preps to a new, more creative level, then this one’s definitely for you! Register here!

Lunchboxes with Love
Lunchboxes with Love

See you all next week!


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12 thoughts on “Baon Plan # 5 Plus a Recipe for Lazy Pizza Grilled Cheese

  1. Everytime I see your weekly food post I feel so much excited for my future preschooler. I am also looking forward to prepare him bento meals for his lunch. I still have a lot of prepping to do and hopefully I would be able to attend the seminar.

  2. Grabe! You are so amazing! I think when Baby Z grows up, I’ll just outsource preparing her baon! haha 🙂 Tamad much? I just think hindi lang ako creative enough! I might learn from the Lunchboxes with Love Workshop 🙂

    1. Haha! It’s never too late, Ginj! I only learned how to cook when Tristan learned how to eat. Before that I was burning everything from toast to eggs and even spaghetti sauce. I actually almost burned our kitchen down once kasi nag fireball ako while cooking squid balls! Long, not very smart story haha! 🙂

      Yes, the workshop is gonna be an amazing learning experience for us all I’m sure!

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