I Survived the First Day of School!

I kind of freaked out here on the blog last week about the first day of school, which happened to be today. I am proud to say that I made it through with flying colors! Let me break it down for you.

I successfully:

  • Got up at 5am
  • Prepared Little MrC’s lunch and our breakfast by 6am
  • Got everyone out of bed, fed, bathed, and out of the house by 7:30am
  • Brought the kiddo to his classroom before 8am
  • Made it to my 10am meeting in BGC despite the nasty traffic all over Manila this morning
  • Enjoyed a nice quiet lunch date with MrC
  • Took an afternoon shower (so relaxing!)
  • Picked up the kid from school on time
  • Went grocery shopping for lunchbox supplies for the week
  • Prepared the ingredients I need for tomorrow’s packed lunch
  • Accomplished all but one thing on my task list for the day by 6pm.

I know that this is a normal day for a lot of moms out there, but it’s my first time, so allow me to do a happy dance for a minute.

I am now sitting in bed with my kiddo, watching cartoons. I’m so tired and I feel like a sleep-deprived zombie, but I’m looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow, minus the meeting but with a full load of writing to do. Yes, even the waking up at 5am part. It’s not hard to find motivation to keep on keeping on. Just look at this smiling face. There’s no way you can tell me that this isn’t more than enough.

In his classroom on the first day of school
In his classroom on the first day of school

Wish me luck?





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8 thoughts on “I Survived the First Day of School!

  1. I miss waking up with the sweet breeze of morning. I had to adjust my sleeping time because of my kids and hubby. They always sleep late and I am like a walking zombie if I always wake up too early. When the time comes maybe two years from now again adjustment of time na naman ako. Goodluck!

  2. Congratulations! Way to go mommy! Dapat talaga kayanin cos think of it, there’s 9 months more. Hehe!

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