Busting Back to School Blues with Working Mom Magazine

Hiyee, Mommies! Have your kiddos gone back to school yet? Little MrC’s classes start on the 17th, and I’ve been suffering from major back to school blues. Yup, I’m the one who’s really anxious about the start of classes because we’re going to be facing a lot of changes this year.

For the first time, his class starts early in the morning. We’ve always chosen to put him in the afternoon sections because we aren’t really morning people in this family, but it looks like things are gonna have to change real soon. Also, this is the first time that he will need to pack lunch since he is now on a semi-whole day schedule, and his dismissal time is in the mid-afternoon. He is also now officially in grade school, and that means that the lessons are gonna be tougher and the load a lot heavier. I hope that he and I are prepared for this.

So yes, I’ve been freaking out a little bit. I’ve been setting my alarm really early since Monday, but so far I’ve only managed to wake up between 8 and 9 am every day since then. That’s not very good. I only have a little over a week left to adjust.

In 10 days, I’ll have to make sure that I get up by 5:30 am to prepare breakfast, pack lunch and snacks, then take a shower. I need to wake my kid and make sure he eats, takes a bath and gets dressed. And then I need to drive him to school (which is technically 5 minutes away, but the trip takes 20 minutes at best because of traffic), and get him into his classroom with all of the things that he needs for the day before 8 o’clock in the morning. I really need to get my act together.

I’m still not quite sure where to start. Thankfully, the lovely people over at Working Mom Magazine sent a copy of their June issue to my house a few days ago, and lo and behold it is loaded with over a hundred strategies for panicky moms like myself to have a calmer, smarter school year. Check out this TVC for a sneak peek of what’s inside their back to school issue.

I love how the back to school issue of Working Mom has lunch and snack box recipes that are quick and easy to make, cute outfit ideas for days when mommy needs to make an appearance in school (which, for me, is every day), and tips on how to stay organized and make mornings less-stressful. It’s a great read for all moms, whether you’re a working mom, a WAHM or a SAHM.

Check out Working Mom’s Facebook page as well for more tips and tricks for busy moms like us.





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2 thoughts on “Busting Back to School Blues with Working Mom Magazine

  1. Good luck to you, Patty! I have no doubt you can do it. On the contrary, this will be the first time in years that I’m not really as panic-stricken at the start of the school year because my girls are now living at their dad’s house. It’s his turn to panic now, for a change. Haha! I still wanna buy that Working Mom issue though. 🙂

    1. Heehee, there’s another silver lining for you! Enjoy your quiet mornings. Meanwhile, time for me to step up. And yes, go get the magazine. It’s a great issue. 🙂

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