Kid In A Toy Store

A few days before my kiddo’s 7th birthday, I won Toy Kingdom gift certificates from Breeze Philippines. Super giant YAY!

BreezePh  BreezePh  on Twitter
I almost never win anything, so this was just amazing!

The day that the gift cards arrived at our house, I asked Little MrC to think about what he wanted to get. He had his mind set on some Hexbugs and a new Hexbug Arena, plus whatever else he’d find interesting at the store. I wanted to get a board game too, but he actually received a lot of those as presents during his birthday party.

We were finally able to go on our shopping spree last Monday at MOA, after our passport renewal appointment at the DFA. We had lunch first at Holy Cow, which was pretty good and not too expensive. After that we headed to Toy Kingdom. I only had my camera phone with me so all of these photos are actually from my Instagram.

Yeah, Toy Kingdom!
He got a whole bag of goodies that day
We ended up buying a Hexbug Arena, Ninja Turtle Raphael gear, Word Factory (which was my request heehee) and a Hexbug Warrior
Trying on his Ninja Turtle stuff

We actually didn’t spend all of the gift cards yet, because he was already satisfied with his loot for the day. That means there will be more shopping in the near future, something we both can look forward to.

Thanks so much, Breeze, for giving me the ability to treat my son to a fabulous birthday shopping spree!


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