Four Things I Miss From When I Was Growing Up

It might be because I just turned 30, but I’ve been feeling extra sentimental lately. I noticed how much our house has changed over the years, and all of a sudden I got to thinking about the little things that I miss about it from when I was younger. This house was a great home for my siblings and I to grow up in. Oh how I wish I could bring back some of these old stuff so that my son can experience them too.

Family Computer / SNES / Playstation

We love our video games. I think the best part about having gaming consoles at home was having a brother to play with. I seriously play video games like a boy, and I take pride in that. My brother and I were partners in Contra and Donkey Kong, tag team partners in WWF, and enemies in Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Tekken and Medal of Honor. We would eagerly wait for the other player to die in Super Mario 1 and 3 and Super Mario World, Adventure Island and Ice Climber.

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I tried playing video games recently, but the games now aren’t the same as those we had as kids. Or maybe it’s just the feeling of gaming nostalgia that I long for. We no longer have a gaming console at home, but you can be sure that I’ll set one up when we have our own house. You guys are welcome to challenge me to a game of your choosing. Lol.MTV

I used to just sit and watch MTV for hours until my brain was numb. We used to really love MTV Alternative Nation, MTV Live and Unplugged, Making the Video, and my favourite reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Growing up, I was a huge Backstreet Boys fan, and I even sent a handmade, glitter-covered scrapbook of a letter to Mike Kasem on MTV Most Wanted once requesting for I’ll Never Break Your Heart. True story.

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Okay, this one isn’t exactly part of the house, but I used to ask my mom to buy tubs and tubs of cookies and cream and bubble gum ice cream back in the day. I always thought that this was an imported brand, but just recently I discovered that it’s actually Philippine made. The people of Go Nuts Donuts are apparently the same people behind Coney Island, but when I tried their ice cream a few years ago, it just wasn’t the same. Oh well.


You are not a 90’s kid unless you’ve owned, or at least sat on a bean bag chair. We used to have two at home, a big brown leather one and a metallic blue smaller one. Those were our seats of choice when my brother and I played video games. If I remember correctly, my brother even used to take cat naps in the brown one.

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The coolest bean bags I remember belonged to MrC and to a cousin of mine. My cousin’s was a transparent bean bag chair with multicolored beads inside. It was oh so pretty. MrC’s was a giant soccer ball.

I could go on and on about things I remember loving back then, as far back as My Little Ponies and Barbie Dolls I had as a small girl. There is one thing that I definitely don’t miss though, and that is dial-up internet!

What are the things you miss from when you were growing up?





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2 thoughts on “Four Things I Miss From When I Was Growing Up

  1. I have a couple of years on you and definitely miss things from my growing years. I loved games like Red Light, Green Light, Baseball with handmade baseballs, popcorn popped on the stove (actually I just started doing again), The Waltons, The Big Valley, Bonanza (have my kids watching these now) since this is all I watch. Just sheer fun!

    1. I love popcorn popped on the stove. It tastes so much better than the microwaved stuff. Here’s to great memories, and to finding ways for our kids to experience a bit of our childhood too. 🙂

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