Five Things I Love About Being Married to MrC

Forgive the cheese. It’s my husbandry’s birthday today, and I just thought I’d post the list of things that I appreciate most about having him as a husband. In case you didn’t know, he and I have been together since high school. Yup, that long. This is the 14th year that we are celebrating his together, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve run out of gift ideas hahaha. This post is a sort-of gift to MrC. Appreciation in the form of words.

So here are the five things I love about being married to MrC.

1. He makes me coffee every morning. 

I am well aware that morning coffee is usually the wife’s responsibility, but since MrC is very particular about his coffee, he usually takes care of preparing our morning pot every day. That’s an absolutely wonderful thing for me since I have a hard time functioning early in the day. He knows exactly how I like my coffee prepared, and on mornings when we are out of beans at home, he knows exactly what to get for me from the nearest coffee shop. Sometimes he even comes home with pastries! These are simple joys that help start my day right, and I absolutely love him for it.

Life begins after coffee!
Life begins after coffee!

2. He knows how to cheer me up.

I suppose this is one of the perks of us having known each other for so long. Sure, he knows how to push my buttons too, and no one in this world can piss me off better than he can. But he is also an expert in cheering me up when I feel down. He knows what to say and do to make me set my anger aside and get me to laugh, even when I really try my best to be extra stubborn and cranky.

This is me being extra stubborn and cranky.
This is the face he has to deal with when I’m being extra stubborn and cranky.

3. He takes care of keeping me safe from bugs, lizards and frogs.

Yup, I’m the kind of girl who is scared of things that crawl, fly, hop and most specially those that croak. When it comes to battling those creatures, MrC is my hero!

Spider villain found in our bedroom last April. As seen on Instagram.
Spider villain found in our bedroom last April. As seen on Instagram.

4. He is an amazing dad.

He’s always been hands on with Little MrC. He helps the kid take a bath, helps him brush his teeth, helps him get dressed, and even washes his butt! It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m not alone in dealing with this little guy’s poop. He’s the best daddy playmate that my little boy could ever hope to have. He’s a good teacher too. MrC has always been there for our son, and I couldn’t ask for more from him in that aspect.

My baby bunnies, Tagaytay, 2009
My baby bunnies, Tagaytay, 2009

5. He lets me have the last cookie. 

He lets me have the last scoop of ice cream too, and the last slice of cake or pizza. He likes to let me have what I want, and he gives in to my quirks as well. He often teases me about it, but he rarely complains. When he sees little things that he knows I’d like, he gets them for me as “just because” presents. He shows that he cares in the little things that he does. For someone like me who really appreciates the little things, this matters a whole lot.

Mmmhmm! I love cake!
I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

If you’re reading this, happy birthday to you, husbandry! You may not be perfect, but know that I love you no matter what.

What do you guys love most about your significant others?




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