Why Do YOU Blog?

There was once a young girl with so many stories to tell, but not enough people to listen to her. On one fateful summer day in 2004, she started her first blog. She blogged religiously for two years, until motherhood, work and the real world took up all of her time.

Years later, she decided to start a new blog, one that would be the launch pad to pursuing her dream of becoming a writer. She was older and wiser then, and instead of the extreme emotional fluctuations and trivial stories that she used to share, she was now writing about being a mom and a wife, her path towards becoming a work-at-home-mom, vacations, staycations and travels, recipes, and day-to-day life in her new world.

Yes, that girl is me. I am a blogger, and I love being one. I will now stop referring to myself in the third person.

The question is, “Why do I blog?” The answer is simple. I blog because it inspires me.

I am inspired to blog because it allows me to touch the lives of others. I have a story to tell. That has always been my primary reason for blogging. I am a very outgoing person, I enjoy talking to people, and I love having lots of friends. When I blog, my reach is endless. I am able to share stories about my son and how fast he is growing up with some of my best friends from childhood who have moved abroad. I discover new friends in my readers, and for some fabulous reason, they enjoy my stories and they keep coming back. I have a story to tell, and I choose to share it through written words. Through the experiences I share on my blog, people are moved, encouraged, and at times inspired as well. I get to make a difference in their day, even in the littlest way.

I am inspired to blog because I love being part of this wonderful online community. Through blogging, I have met so many fabulous people. Some are old friends who have remained my buddies both online and off for the last nine years. There are also my new mom friends from all over the world who help me become the best mom I can be. We gain enlightenment and strength from each other. We reach out to each other for big things like affirmation, support and prayers, and simple things like recipes, places to go or eat, and opinions on font and color combinations for our sites. Through our blogs, we managed to connect online. Blogging has given me a wonderful online circle in which I truly feel I belong.

Most importantly, I am inspired to blog for and because of myself and my dreams. Being a wife and mom, most everything I do on a daily basis is for others. But this blog is for me. It’s my me-time, my therapy, my retreat, and my sanctuary all rolled into one. It is also a reminder for me to not give up on my writing dreams.Β I see my blog as sort of a realization of my lifelong ambition of becoming a writer. This, after all, was my first step. It may not be the hard-bound novel I thought I would pursue, or a published magazine article, or children’s story. But what I write are stories nonetheless, and they are mine. For me, seeing that my blog has a steadily growing following is proof enough that I am well on my way to becoming a writer, at least on my own little piece of online real estate. That in itself is a dream come true, and that makes me happy.

I am inspired to blog because blogging makes me happy. It’s gives me that sort of feeling you get when you see a hot air balloon lift off into the air for the first time. It’s like a giddy little girl kind of happy. And it’s the kind of happiness that comes from within, from something you did for yourself. And I believe that everyone needs to find their own source of self-happiness. This blog is mine.

That right there is what I mean about being happy in a giddy little girl kind of way!
That right there is what I mean about being happy in a giddy little girl kind of way. That’s the kind of kick I get out of blogging.

Are you a blogger? Why do you blog? What inspires you to write?





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3 thoughts on “Why Do YOU Blog?

  1. I love blogging! And this is very inspiring! I have been blogging since 2011 and I love every minute of it! I blog cause it is a way of letting the world know I am here! It also lets me get my stress out and have fun! Btw, I found your blog on the Bloggy Moms April Blog Hop, Hope you can visit me back πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Teresa! Just this weekend, one of my mom blogger friends said something that I love. She said, “Don’t be afraid to love blogging, and admit that you love it.”

      I love blogging too, and I love meeting people like you online who feel the same way. I’m really happy you fond me through the Bloggy Moms Blog Hop. πŸ™‚ I’m glad I get to share my happy place with you. I just visited your blog, and I love that it’s so pink! πŸ™‚ It’s too bad I only saw your blog hop challenge now. I would have loved to join. Maybe the next one? πŸ™‚

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