On Finding My Purpose and Blogging Inspired

If not for my friends Ditas, Janice and Tina, I might not have been able to attend the Blog Inspired workshop last Saturday. The four of us were talking over Twitter last week, and I think it was Ditas who asked if we were all going to be at the session. Tina was about to give birth at that time, and said she had to give up her slot. Janice was going for sure. I, on the other hand, found out about the free workshop late, and so I wasn’t able to secure a slot for myself. The three ladies convinced me to put my name on the wait list, just in case there are last minute slots that open up. So that night, I think it was a Thursday, I went ahead and signed up, without any expectations.

I got an email on Friday from my friend Martine of daintymom.com, one of the co-hosts of the workshop, saying that I was given a slot, and that I should be at Fully Booked in BGC the following day before 10:30am. It was so serendipitous because just a few minutes before I got the email, I wrote and submitted my entry to her blogaversary contest, a post about why I am inspired to blog. So yes, I believe that it was truly meant to be that I got that slot! And I mean to make the most out of it too.

Here I am with Janice and Ziggy (left side of photo), and Ditas and Henry (photo right).
Here I am with Janice and Ziggy (left side of photo), and Ditas and Henry (photo right). Little MrC is not in this photo because he’s the one who took the picture.

I dragged my boys to BGC bright and early last Saturday. Armed with my coffee, my notebook and my favorite pen, wearing my favorite pink platform wedges, I braved the super fast escalators of Fully Booked to get to the Forum on the fourth floor. In case you didn’t know, I am quite clumsy, and I can’t go up or down an escalator or a flight of stairs without holding on real tight to the banister. Add to that, I count 1-2-3 before stepping onto an escalator. True story. Even little MrC is better than me at getting on and off the escalator. Anyway, going back to Blog Inspired.

There were four very inspiring speakers that day. Martine was one of them, along with another of my Twitter buds, Jayme of optimommy.com, the super pretty Toni of wifelysteps.com, and the very engaging Michelle of beyondsilverandgold.com.

Check out these four amazing women online.
Check out these four amazing women online!

What did I learn from Blog Inspired? A whole lot, to tell you the truth. Lessons about life, about being a woman and a mother, about belonging to a sisterhood, about blogging and about being inspired. I think that I can basically sum it up into five major points.

Jayme was the first speaker that morning. She started her session with a couple of fun games. We learned from her how important it is to build a strong foundation, both in life and in blogging. That foundation is your life purpose. More often than not, your blog’s purpose will take after your life purpose.

Here are my groupmates from the first game, building a strong foundation for our tower of blocks.
Here are my groupmates from the first game, building a strong foundation for our tower of blocks.

So, the first lesson is that you must first find your life’s purpose. When you live purposefully, without going through life as if you are blindfolded, aka merely going through the motions like a robot, then everything has meaning and you develop a clear vision of where you want your life to go. The same goes for your blog. If you have a sense of purpose in what you write, then you can steer the stories on your blog towards that direction. Your posts will have more meaning, a better flow so to speak. And through that, your blog will become a true representation of you and your life’s vision and mission.

Finding your life purpose entails knowing your unique qualities, how you use those qualities when interacting with others, and what you would like to achieve, or your idea of a perfect world. The life purpose exercise is something that I had never done before the workshop. The funny thing is, when I looked back on what I wrote that day, it didn’t seem to really hit the spot. So, I decided to give it a little more time and further reflection(that is why this post is delayed!), and today, I finally found my purpose.

Tada! Your live purpose evolves as you evolve in the different stages of your life. This is where I am now in mine.

Jayme ended with a fabulous quote, one that she says is a favorite of hers. In essence, it tells you to go ahead and have the courage to shine because you deserve it!

Optimimmy Jayme, who happens to be an excellent speaker.
Optimimmy Jayme, who happens to be an excellent speaker.

The second lesson I learned from Blog Inspired is that you need to find your unique voice. Know what you want to write about. You can do this by understanding where you are now in life, and finding that special aspect of yourself and your story. Your purpose and your perspective come together to form your voice. It is your unique perspective that will help take you where you want to go in this blogging journey, and through your blog, your purpose can come to life.

This is Toni. I love reading her blog. She is such an amazing storyteller.
This is Toni. I love reading her blog. She is such an amazing storyteller.

The third lesson is so simple,and yet it is not something that holds true to all bloggers. When you blog, don’t prioritize earning. Instead, prioritize inspiration. Write because you love to write. Write about something you love. Do things with passion. Be sincere. Focus on your purpose. That’s what Michelle taught us when she shared her story about finding her blogging niche, which is home schooling, and how that has worked out for her.

She also gave a very practical tip, and that is to do your due diligence. Promote your posts on social media, share them with friends, basically do what you need to do to grow your readership. That includes writing consistently. Write about topics that have meaning to you, and not just posts with sponsored content.

Here's Michelle with her very useful list of things to remember when blogging.
Here’s Michelle with her very useful list of things to remember when blogging.

Martine was our final speaker during the workshop. Now, I have listened to her speak before and she really is quite amazing. I love her blog. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, she is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue a work at home career, and also why I decided to take blogging more seriously. I continue to learn new things from her as I get to know her better. This time, my takeaway is that when you write, you should be inspired by your “now” moments. Whatever touches your heart will touch your readers’ hearts as well. I just love this, because it is something that I personally believe too.

Blog Inspired-10
That’s Martine’s cutie little boy in the photo.

A bonus lesson from Marts is something that I know I should have started doing a long time ago. She says write down ideas all the time. God knows how many great ideas I’ve lost simply by not writing them down. When I was younger, it was easier to rely on my memory for these things. Now that I’m older, a mix of age and the sheer number of things I need to think about everyday are working against me on this. So since Saturday, I’ve been walking around with a pen and a pretty pink notebook in my bag, just in case. And I must say that it really works! Writing down little notes over the week is what helped me define my purpose.

Martine, one of my blog-spirations. :)
Martine, one of my blog-spirations. 🙂

The fifth point is really more of a realization than a lesson. I realized something about myself that morning, and that is that I love blogging. I do. Many people don’t understand why I love to share tidbits of my life online with anyone who wants to read them. Sometimes I try to make them understand. Often, I don’t even bother to explain anymore. But that fine Saturday morning, being part of that lovely group where everyone understands what it means to blog inspired helped me embrace that part of myself – the mom blogger part. I love it, and I’m not ashamed to say that.

So from here on out, expect to see positive change on this blog. I’ve already started tweaking the design to make it more “me.” I am also mapping out my content and planning out my post calendar into something more sensible and more meaningful. Slowly but surely, I hope to be able to say that I am learning to inspire and be inspired through blogging.

Borrowing this photo from Martine. See how cute all our name tags were?
Borrowing this photo from Martine. See how cute all our name tags were?

What inspirational life (or blogging) lessons have you learned recently? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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11 thoughts on “On Finding My Purpose and Blogging Inspired

  1. Hey Patty! It was great meeting you at Blog Inspired. Thank you, thank you for listening and absorbing all you can from our talk. I do hope that the inspiration will continue for you. I’d like to ask permission to grab my photo and post it on FB. I’ll also post a link to your blog. 🙂 God bless you and your blog. 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle! You guys were just great. It wasn’t hard listening and learning because you were all so engaging, and each of you had such interesting and useful things to teach us. I really hope I get to see you again soon (nail spa date na yan!)

      Oh, and go ahead and grab all the photos that you wanna grab hehe. 🙂 It would be my pleasure!

  2. Pattyyyyyyyyy! You’re such an amazing person, and a wonderful newfound friend. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Blog Inspired. Your take-home points are amazing; you really squeezed every last ounce of inspiration from the talks. Bravo to you! Bravo for being passionate about your life’s work as a writer.

    1. Awwwww thank you Martine! I’m so happy to be able to call you my friend. You’re really such an inspiration, and I continue to learn so much from you. 🙂

  3. Hi MrsC, I was one of the workshop participants and became truly inspired just like yours and everyone else that mid-Saturday. After the event, going home on a bus ride my mind was swirling with thoughts that I need not just write anything but it should have a definite purpose. Goodluck to all of us, cheers!

    1. I read your post too! I see how much this workshop means to you by the fact that you braved the heat and commuted from the province hehe. I know what you mean about the nonstop swirling of thoughts and ideas in your head since the workshop. It’s like creativity overload, but in a good way. I really hope I get to see you again soon, and hopefully we can chitchat next time. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Here I go….since I read your blog I have been reading emails, facebook, etc and what people have to say about me. I want to give inspiration and that is exactly what is happening. Living through the loss of my only child Dust at 17yo, losing my brother in Vietnam, Daddy in 2011, Dustin’s best friend a year ago and Aunts and Uncles in the past 2 years and surviving to keep going strong. I need to share my strengths. Do you feel like you are self absorb doing that? Cause I am not that at all. Anyway I wanted to thank you again for your post.

    1. Hi Nancy. Wow, you have been through so much! And no, I do not feel that you are being self-absorbed by sharing how strong you are through all this. I am so touched by you, and I feel that you can truly be an inspiration to so many people out there. Thank you so much for your comment, and keep being you! Continue to inspire others! 🙂

  5. I do not believe in coincidences. I came to your blog for a reason. I will keep coming back to read this post. Brilliant ideas. A true inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing and as I said I will keep coming back to absorb some more.

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