Fashion Friday: The Challenge of Finding Plus Size Swimwear

(11/10/15) UPDATE! KaiPlus has really nice plus size swimsuits! I bought one, and it was perfect! Happy shopping! 🙂

Why is it so hard to find plus size swimwear in Manila? Whyyyyy??? Or am I the only one having trouble finding cute bathing suits? I’m asking because I am headed for the beach this weekend with my cousins. That is if my little boy is already well by the weekend. We are currently battling what seems to be a stomach flu.

Anyway, back to bathing suits. Seriously, if there are any pretty plus-size ladies out there who are reading this, where do you shop for swimwear? I have gotten lucky a few times with a surplus shop in Alabang Town Center called Big Deals, which recently closed, much to my dismay. There’s also the ever-reliable Speedo, but only a few of their styles are flattering on full figured girls. Other than that, I don’t know where to go! I hear the Plump Pinay has some nice suits, but I don’t actually know where to find them.

On the upside, packing for the beach is quick and easy because I don’t have that many choices to begin with. Then again, I have a lot of summer dresses and cover-ups, and that’s basically what fills up my bag on beach trips.

This swimsuit is my current favorite, and it’s what I’m wearing at the beach this weekend. That’s my skinny sister next to me in the photo, and Mr C in a straw hat at the back. I love the polka dot print of this strapless swimsuit and the cutesy skirt that comes with it. I got this from Big Deals last summer. I’m really so sad that they closed.

This photo was taken in Zamabales during our family beach trip last summer.

I suppose it will be easier to go swimsuit shopping if I lose weight (groan!) And I am suddenly reminded of a post I wrote in 2011 about shrinking down to a much smaller size. Obviously, it hasn’t happened, but I’m not stressing over it because I love myself just the way I am. I’ve also chosen to celebrate my birthday on a mountain instead of a beach. Yes, things change over time. Lol.

That being the case, I’m calling out to all the plus size ladies out there. Where do you shop for swimsuits? Let me know so I can start preparing for summer!

Much love and happiness,


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22 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Challenge of Finding Plus Size Swimwear

  1. Hi I Happen to run into your blog and was interested in finding out the name brand if your polkadot suit I also had that suit top and loved it but it was ruined and I threw it out. 🙁 but now I need a new one and want to find one like that one again.

  2. This was also my problem!!!

    Coco cabana goes up to a 2L and they have a nice selection.
    So-en goes up to a 2xl but the cup size i think is only up to B.
    For online lazada has options up to 4xl.
    I personally prefer ward88’s summer collection. Some sell for less than 500!
    There are also ig overrun stores that you may get lucky from

    Thanks for telling us about kai store. Finally got a new store to check every so often for good finds.

  3. Hi there! Just wanted to drop a note and say that I bought several really good plus size pieces (I’m U.S. size 16-18) in Big Deals in ATC. You mentioned they closed already but I think you’re referring to their other store in the other wing? The other Big Brands store located across BPI when you go up the escalator in front of Bench is still open and has expanded. That’s where I got several plus size pieces for about 350-800 only. 🙂 So awesome. If you’re looking online, check out, they have an amazing selection. 🙂

  4. SISTER! I FEEL YOU! I’m looking for one right now and came across your blog. hehe
    I normally buy in marks and spencer pero its way to expensive nga. I’ll check out suggestions from the comments!
    Miss and Love you dude!

  5. I live in Hong Kong (the land of super duper small!) and we’re going to Manila and Bohol the 9th. I REALLY need a new suit since I’ve lost some weight (mainly in the boobs) and ther is NO support whatsoever! My husband thinks we can find some in Manila, what is the latest there? Anything good? Would love one with underwire!

  6. hi girls! I am plus size too and i am into swimming so much so i hope i could help you on this one.

    if you are looking for fashionable bathing suits you can Forever 21 and they have summer/swim wear collections on their plus size area. They are also very trendy. I am not sure lang sa quality if you intend to use it for the coming years. They have one piece and the vintage cuts 2 pieces.

    SM Department store also has plus size but the biggest would be size 16! if you are a size 18 and above. baka wala kang kasya don. My friend was able to buy one for 50% so 350 nalang.

    Check out kaiplus online… not so sure of their facebook account. just search it. she sells really good imported swimsuits and tankinis. Assorted brands. Marami rin choices. She even have size 22 and 24. Prices from 800-1400! not bad! She also have plus size rushguards but i think the largest is XL.

    Debenhams and Marks and Spenser have available swimsuits up to size 20. But i find them very expensive. The range from 2000-3500!

    If you have relatives from the US or UK you can asked them to buy for you… either abot sila for the summer or you can use next summer! My cousin got me a vintage cuts tago tyan type. (LOL) $35 each lang!

    Enjoy the summer!!!

  7. Me too I’m having a hard time finding on what to wear when summer comes swimwear for plus size is super limited and yes I agree if I find some super expensive naman, will be checking this post from time to time to read comments so that I can check recommendations on where to buy ^^V Thanks for this Mrs C 😀

  8. Buy swimwear during off-peak season para mas mura ng onti, ahihi….and speaking of buying….I have three pairs at the moment, bibili din ba ako ng bago? ehehehe

    Try to go to Robinson’s Department Store, I just forgot the brand, pero mura din, mama was able to get hers from there

  9. Hi! I just stumble upon your blog and I have to say I feel you. I almost panicked when I saw Big Deals closed but the good news is they just transferred to their sister store, Branded for Less. The one in front of BPI (near the escalator going to bench). 🙂

  10. Try to search for plus size shop in facebook. Also known as zaftig. Fabulous swimwear. :))) they have high waist 2 piece also 1 piece and a lot more 🙂

    1. My problem with coco cabana is the cup sizes on the tops aren’t so big hehe. So it ends up lacking in support. The ones in M&S are pretty! But you’re right, too expensive.

      Thanks for visiting, Anj!

  11. Were you able to find some girl? Updates please ^_^ Looking for plus size swimwear as well pero ang hirap tlga maghanap dito saten puro online naman mas gusto koh kase nakikita koh tlga muna and nahahwakan yung damit bgo buy….

    1. Hi Kiz! I saw the ones of The Plump Pinay + Koi Swimwear in one Complex store. Super nice but too expensive for me. I didn’t even try them on. Still searching! Hirap diba??

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