WAHM Playlist: My Top 5 Productivity-Inducing Songs For The Week

Snow White’s Seven Dwarves whistle while they work. I, on the other hand, listen to music. Once upon I time I worked for an agency that focused on music marketing. I worked with great musicians, managers, producers and composers, legends in their own right in the music industry. My days with them were filled with fun times and great music. Because of this experience, I am used to having music playing in the background while I’m working. Although there are times when I appreciate silence more, I’ve noticed that music really helps get my creative juices flowing.

What I choose to listen to varies depending on my mood and the output that I have to churn out. These are the days when I’m glad I chose a 160GB iPod classic as my music player instead of an iPod touch or something with a smaller capacity. I can imagine how frustrated I would be if I wanted to listen to a particular song and I didn’t have it on me right then and there. My choices can be so diverse, that sometimes I amuse myself with my playlists for the week.

This week has been a full one for me as far as work goes. I’ve been writing a few AVP scripts, some speeches and a couple of event scripts. My saving grace in times like these is music. Music and coffee, actually. Coffee is consistent, and is usually a nice hot cup brewed at home with milk. Music varies, and this week so far has been filled with a rather mainstream mix of tunes. Here are the top five songs that sparked my creativity this week.1. Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory
I don’t know why, but I absolutely love Lady Gaga. I listen to her music while I work, on the rare moments when I exercise, in the car, during my down time, etc, etc, etc. I love to dance to her music too. I remember when I used to attend Zumba class, the best routines were always the ones where we danced to a Lady Gaga song.

2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax
The title says it all. I usually put my iPod on shuffle, and this song popped up at just the right time so it deserves to be mentioned. Although I read somewhere that the song is supposed to be about shagging. Is it? I never really paid much attention to the lyrics. Lol.

3. Madonna – Borderline
I love Madonna, and Borderline is one of my all-time favorite songs. It makes me feel giddy, like I’m back in high school or something.

4. Rivermaya – Balisong
Of course I need to include at least one OPM song in this list! This week’s pick is Balisong. Love the song, love the video. The only thing I don’t love about it is the fact that it was supposedly written for KC Concepcion (correct me if I’m wrong), and I’m really not a fan of that lady. But this song is just priceless, and I am also a super Rico Blanco fan. Funny bit of trivia, whenever I hear this song, I usually want to listen to Your Universe after.

5. Paula Abdul – Rush, Rush
For no particular reason, this song just fit right in. I do like the song though. It may actually be the only Paula Abdul song I can listen to from start to finish.

Do you listen to music while you work? What songs are must-haves on your playlist? What genres do you like best? Do share! I always get excited about discovering new songs and artists.

Much love and happiness,


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