On Sensitive Conversations with Kids

My son really is getting bigger. He’s slowly but surely becoming exposed to life’s realities, both good and bad. Today, we had a conversation about one of them. Unfortunately, it was about one of the bad things. It went something like this:

Scenario: Tristan was singing in the shower. I have had to endure over a week of this kid singing One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful NONSTOP!

Me: Shhhhh. Can’t you sing another song?
T: But I like One Direction.
Me: Ya, but you keep singing the same song over and over again.
T: You know what Mommy? *Classmate* doesn’t like One Direction either.
Me: Why not babe?
T: He said it’s gay.
Me: (Looooong moment of silence) Do you know what gay means baby?
T: Nope.
Me: It’s not a very good word if you use it in a bad way. It’s like calling someone stupid. Please don’t use that word if you don’t understand it OK?
T: OK Mommy.

I am so not prepared for this. I honestly don’t know how to explain this to my son without going overboard. At best, all I can think to do now is to just make him not use that word in that context. Why I can’t help but wonder is how did his classmate even learn to use that word to describe that group. These kids are six years old. I’m pretty sure opinions like that do not come directly from them. It makes me sad knowing that my little boy is starting to hear discriminating comments like that, and from another kid who probably doesn’t know what it means.

I don’t intend to bring up the topic again unless he asks. If and when that happens, what should I say? Help?! I have zero experience when it comes to dealing with kids and sensitive conversations.

PS Thought I’d share this video so you can join me in my misery. I guess it’s better than having my kid sing Justin Bieber all day long.

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