A Kiddie Party, A Wedding, and A Coffee Shop Meeting

In case you’re wondering, I’m doing Fashion Friday in an attempt to encourage myself to look my best, and not give in to my Frumpy Mommy tendencies! Yes, I do tend to dress grungy sometimes, as you can read in one of my previous posts. The idea of doing a Fashion Friday post was actually inspired by this post from Topaz Horizon.

So, without further ado, here are my top three looks of the week.

1. A Kiddie Party
Manika’s 2nd Birthday Party
McDonald’s Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley
December 1, 2012
Blouse: Cotton On, Makeup: Colour Collection
Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the whole outfit. I wore black pants and platform shoes with this top. LOL Fashion Friday Fail! Anyway, that’s Me and Mr C with the little boy and my niece, Manika.

Comfy Mommy Look

2. A Wedding
Jonnah & Emmans’ Wedding
UST Church, Espana
December 2, 2012
Dress: Erzullie, Shoes: Payless, Clutch: Celine, Makeup: Colour Collection, Jewelry: From my relatives

My Pretty Pink Princess look!
3. A Coffee Shop Meeting
Meeting with my Executive Producer for an upcoming event
Meeting at Starbucks, Alabang Town Center; Photograph taken at home
December 7, 2012
Jeans: Moda Plus, Top: Marikina Tiangge, Shrug: Cuenca Bazaar, Shoes (not in photo, leopard-print ballet flats): Greenhills

Disclaimer: I took this photo myself with a camera on self timer. That’s why it looks so awkward!

What do you guys think of my first Fashion Friday post? Now I know I really should make sure I have someone take my photo with my own camera! This took A LOT of effort though, so show me some love! =P

Much love and happiness,


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5 thoughts on “A Kiddie Party, A Wedding, and A Coffee Shop Meeting

  1. Thanks Dear! Those are actually my wedding shoes, and they’ve served me well. I’ve worn them to a few weddings, parties and special events after my big day. I love investing in a good pair of shoes. 

    I actually read your post on your wardrobe makeover this morning but didn’t get to comment yet. I know what you mean about revamping your wardrobe after pregnancy. My body changed a lot after giving birth, and a lot of my favorite pieces from before don’t look good anymore. It gave me a great excuse to go shopping haha! Hope you enjoy shopping for new clothes too! 🙂 

    PS I think a mommy style lookbook is a great idea. I bet you’re not at all baduy!

  2. I like your nude shoes from Payless! I want to buy something like that but with straps because I find it so hard to walk in ordinary heels or pumps. I also want to compile a mommy style lookbook but I’m always so baduy! Haha! Someday, when I already did a wardrobe makeover. 😛

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