Pizza and Beer at Aria Cucina Italiana Boracay

As soon as the rain stopped on our first morning in Boracay, Mr C and I went off towards Station 2. The nice thing about our wedding anniversary being in September is it’s off season and so our travel expenses aren’t that deadly. However, we really need to hope for good weather. Luckily, the skies were on our side during this trip.

Still a gloomy morning, but at least there’s no more rain.
Like my pretty dress? I wear this every time I’m in Boracay.
Baby hair gone wild. See?
Off we go to D*Mall!

The last time Mr C was in Boracay before our vacation was sometime in the 90’s. Things looked a lot different back then, so I really wanted us to walk around as much as we could so he would see all the new stuff on the island.

Of all things, this is what caught his attention. LOL.
Welcome to D*Mall!
There were still a lot of puddles left behind from the rainy morning, so it was a bit yucky walking around.

We were in search of possible stuff to take home to the little guy since we didn’t take him with us on the trip. After a few hours of walking, Mr C and I both started to get tired and hungry, so we went looking for a place to eat. I wanted to try Manana since I was really craving for Mexican food. But we ended up instead having lunch at Aria Cucina Italiana.

Weird that it was my first time at Aria, despite having visited Boracay every year since 2007.
Like the other establishments in Boracay during the monsoon season, they had sheets of plastic/cheese cloth setup to keep the sand and ocean spray out.

Aria serves what they call Modern Italian cuisine, with a menu inspired by the food of the Italian Mediterranean coastal region.The ambiance in the restaurant is both cozy and tropical at the same time. Aria is located at the beachfront side of D*Mall, and is open from 11AM to 1AM daily.

MrC and Me!

Since we were on vacation, we decided to indulge and have a beer each with lunch. Pizza and beer is one of my favorite combos! We had a big breakfast so we decided to just have a light lunch. So we ordered one pizza and some potatoes on the side. Major carbo loading. Guess it wasn’t as light a lunch as we thought it would be!

San Miguel Pale Pilsen (PHP70.00)
I love their glasses!
Quattro Stagioni Pizza (PHP540.00)
A selection of four different toppings – Aria, Boscaiola, Napoli and Frutti de Mare.
Baked Potatoes (PHP80.00)
Oven-baked potatoes drizzled with olive oil and rosemary.

After lunch, we started walking back to our hotel. The weather changed from gloomy to bright and sunny while we were eating, so our walk back was really hot!

Happy to see the sun again.
Lots of people went parasailing, helmet diving and banana boating during the afternoon.
Walking back. Sweating off all the food we’ve been eating!

We chose to relax rather than go island hopping or try out the usual Boracay activities. Some may find our itinerary boring, and again I’m lucky that Mr C likes lounging around as much as I do. Oh, and check out our sunglasses. Both pairs have prescription lenses. Mine are from Firmoo, and I won them through my blogger friend Joei’s birthday giveaway. Mr C got his from Starfinder, a Korean optical shop with really affordable glasses that you can customize to your liking. We usually go to their Festival Supermall Alabang branch, but they also have stores in Sta Lucia and BF Paranaque.

The Husbandry

We went for one last swim before deciding that it was getting too hot. We eventually moved indoors to wait for the sunset.

I’m starting to look like a (fat) lobster!
This would be much prettier without the silk screen slabs in front of the resort, but apparently they need these to keep the salt water and sand out during the monsoon season.

I found out after we came home from Boracay that Aria also has a branch in the Fort. Yay! Those rosemary baked potatoes were really good. I actually had a few leftover pieces later that afternoon, straight from the fridge and they were as yummy as when they were hot. One of these days Mr C and I should bring the little guy to the Fort branch since Italian food is his favorite.

Have you tried the food in Aria? Any recommendations for our next visit?

Beachfront, D’Mall Boracay,
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan.
PHONE 063.288.5573 / 036.288.6223

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