Homework Chronicles

One thing I am glad I can be hands-on with now as a WAHM is schoolwork. I’ll tell you a secret. There’s always been a little dork hidden inside of me. When I was little, my mom used to make reviewers for us when it was exam time. As we got older, she stopped doing this since we were already capable of studying on our own. When that happened, I started making my own reviewers. Now, as a mom, I’m really very diligent in making reviewers for my little boy’s midterm exams and final exams. I also make sure to do homework with him every afternoon after class. Then we practice reading, spelling and writing. I really want him to enjoy reviewing, and so I try my best to make the process fun for him. Luckily, he is receptive to my efforts, and he picks up fast.

I recently discovered that many parents choose to have a tutor rather than do homework and study with their kids themselves. I know one mom who says she just absolutely does not have the patience for it. I thought the same of myself too when I was working, and it’s been a pleasant surprise discovering that I can actually do it. I’m thinking about maybe sharing some of our reviewers on my blog. I wonder if that will actually be of help to anyone. There’s no harm in trying though, and I really do enjoy making them. I’m no homeschooling mom, and some of the reviewers are really simple, but still, they might be of help. So maybe I should. What do you guys think?

Homework time!

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