Halloween 2012: Finn and Jake Take Ayala Alabang

The plan was that Mr C would be Jake the Dog, TLC would be Finn the Human, and I’d get to be Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time for Halloween this year. But since Mr C had work and would be missing the trick or treat schedule in our village, we shuffled the roles around and enlisted the participation of my brother, TLC’s Ninong (Godfather) Boyong. Luckily, he loves the color purple and so he willingly took on the role of LSP. Meanwhile, I was able to put my yellow maxi dress to good use as Jake the Dog, and TLC still got to be Finn.

Finn the Human
Jake the Dog and Finn the Human
LSP, Jake and Finn

We were quite a sight to behold walking around the village since my brother and I are such big people, and TLC’s Finn outfit looked so much like the real thing. We were greeted by a lot of “Adventure Time!” and “Finn and Jake!” screams from people driving and walking by.

Kids at heart!

I think us big kids had more fun trick or treating than the little guy did. Even my mom who drove us around had fun watching us from inside the car. Ayala Alabang is really the best place to be on Halloween!

One of the houses even had a stage with performers. I think these guys danced for three straight hours!
The V for Vendetta guy, Bane and Kratos all screamed “ADVENTURE TIME!” When they saw us!
Some of the houses really went all-out with the decor this year.
This car crash victim comes to life for photo ops!
With one of our favorite neighbors, Tita Letti.
Meanwhile, at home, we had our own mamaws giving out candy to costumed kiddos.

Smart Infinity put up a Trick or Treat Booth inside the village too. They had a photo booth and lootbags plus lotsa other things. What a great idea! Here we are with my former boss, Jelly Belly Ms Julie! Love her cute costume idea!

Can’t get over how cute this costume is.

Sharing more trick or treat photos! Super duper thank you to Boyong and Mel for taking all of these great shots! Can you tell how much fun we all had? I can’t wait till next year!

Thank goodness for Lola who agreed to drive us around!
See Capt America crossing the street?
From behind.
Happy about all the candy he got.
More candy!
Someone’s starting to get tired!
Boyong’s girlfriend, Mel, went as the puppet in Saw.
Braving the crowds for candy.
Trick or Treat!
Jake and Finn.
The candy goes into his backpack.
Lining up at one of the houses.
She used a giant reptile hand to give out candy!
This mommy was dressed as a witch.
There’s Lola’s car in the background.
My favorite photo from the afternoon!

After going around the village, we picked up Mr C from his office and checked out the Halloween festivities at Westgate Center. After that, I discovered my newest happy place, Tokyo Bubble Tea, where we had dinner that night.

What did you guys do for Halloween?

Much love and happiness,


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