Saturday At The Salcedo Market

Call me a late bloomer if you will, but I finally visited the Salcedo Market for the first time last weekend. It was my bitin trip to the Legaspi Market two Sundays ago for the last leg of Geiser Maclang’s Makati Street Market and the Grilla in Manila Challenge that made me want to visit Salcedo. So we made plans for brunch, and I’m glad to say that our usual Saturday laziness did not get the better of us this time. We arrived in Makati at around noon, and were lucky enough to score a parking space next to the entrance. Woohoo! As soon as we went in, the first thing I noticed was Anton del Rosario walking around. I die. When my brain started functioning again, TLC and I started looking at the nearby stalls while we waited for Mr C who went for a quick Starbucks run. I saw a lot of familiar brands like Connie’s Kitchen and Carmen’s Best Ice Cream. I’d actually been meaning to pass by both stores in Alabang over the weekend – Connie’s for Marinated Kesong Puti for my mom-in-law and Carmen’s to finally satisfy my Butter Pecan ice cream cravings, so I was glad to see those two stalls at Salcedo.

Yummy Carmen’s Best Ice Cream
So glad I can get this anytime – it’s available in my neighborhood!
Connie’s Kitchen
Must buys: Marinated Keong Puti, Sundried Tomato Pesto and Gourmet Tuyo

The three of us were really hungry already since we only had a light breakfast at home. I always take forever deciding what to eat, and the Salcedo Market posed a giant challenge because there were just so many options! We ended up with sausages and buffalo wings, our usual faves!

Grilled sausages in ciabatta bread
Patiently waiting for his hotdog
Little MrC got the cheesy sausage with just ketchup. See how huge that thing is? Can you believe he ate the whole thing?
I had the spicy Hungarian sausage with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and relish. Sooooo good!

And Mr C and I split an order of original buffalo wings from WingMan. He had this with a bowl of fried rice, while I just had a couple of pieces with my sandwich.

After eating, we walked around to check out the other stalls. There were some food items that I really wanted to try, but I was so full from what we ordered that I decided to save them for another visit.

I love bibingka!
The biggest ensaymada I have ever seen
We are definitely saving space for corn dogs next time!
Honestly, I just wanted to take a photo of Marco Lobregat haha!
Yummy coffee blends.
We’re lucky to have had great weather during our visit to Salcedo

No matter how full we might have been, there’s always room for dessert! We opted to try Merry Moo instead of getting Carmen’s since we don’t have Merry Moo in the south, at least as far as I know. The little boy tasted the Candied Bacon flavor and said it was pretty good. I regret not giving the Strawberry Basil flavor a taste. But I definitely don’t regret choosing Sea Salt Caramel. I’m not much of a caramel fan, but I tell you, this was just good beyond words. Mr C found it a little too rich for his taste though, and he ended up just splitting a cup of Strawberry Shortcake ice cream with the little guy.

One of these days, I will try them all!
I love ice cream!
My scoop of Sea Salt Caramel goodness
The little guy enjoying his Strawberry Shortcake ice cream

We took one last walk around the stalls with our ice cream before giving in to the little guy’s request to play in the playground. I didn’t realize earlier that there were tables right next to the play area. Had I known, we would’ve just picked a table there to eat so that the little guy can play while waiting for Mr C and I to finish. Oh well, next time.

Creepy lizard toy. No, we are not buying that.
Baskets and giant sombreros!
Pretty plants. I’ll definitely fill up my garden with these when we get a home of our own.
Fresh stuff
Organic veggies
Herbs and pretty crocheted shopping bags. I think I wanna try making those.
Off to the playground. The little guy is already looking at his destination haha!
Leading the way.
Quick photo before sending him off.
I see us in the park… (Sing with me!)
Fun place for the kiddos to play.
Oh, hello little boy!
Last photo, ok mommy? I wanna play!
Ok, mommy’s tired. Time to go home!

We love visiting weekend markets and bazaars, and often go to the ones in Alabang. It was good for us to get a change of scenery this time around. Now Mr C is curious about the other weekend markets and bazaars out there. We rarely head north, and haven’t even been to Mercato Centrale! I think that should be our next destination. Where would you recommend we go next?

Saturdays 7:00AM – 2:00PM
At the park along LP Leviste and Toledo Sts,
Brgy Bel-Air, Makati




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3 thoughts on “Saturday At The Salcedo Market

  1. We lived in Makati for a little over a year when the husband was assigned there. And although his station was super near the Sunday market, we never went! Sayang! We always go to the one in Eastwood (mainly because the stalls are open all day so there’s no pressure on waking up early on a weekend haha).

  2. Okay, you officially just made me miss Salcedo! We gotta return there one of these days. I love Salcedo Park even without the market there. I used to pass through the park whenever I go home from work. 🙂

    Anyway, hindi naman masyadong obvious that you just wanted to take a photo of Marco Lobregat. But I’m sure he knew! Hahaha! He’s HOT!

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