How (Unknowingly) Launched My Writing Career

I know, I know, I know, it has been said many times before by several others, but it’s true, I have always dreamed of becoming a writer. From the age of twelve, when asked what the one thing I want to do before I die is, my answer has always been “Write a novel, and maybe win an award for it. Or at least have it become a best seller.”  Yes, even if I manage to write just one book, and even if I end up being a one-hit-wonder, becoming a writer is my life’s dream.

It took me nearly thirty years to really get my butt in a chair and start writing regularly, but at least I’m finally here. It took a whole lot of courage for me to leave my full-time job and just focus on writing for a living. Many people ask me how I did it. Honestly, I believe the secret is to have a safety net. Something you can fall back on to fill in the budget gaps when you don’t get as many projects as you expect to get in a month. My safety net is

I sent my application to the team one afternoon in 2009. I was in search of a side line, a part-time job that would give me just enough extra cash to spend on shoes and bags. No kidding, that was my motivation. Of course, I was apprehensive at first. After all news of scam employers who run away with your work without paying so much as a single centavo is all over the internet. But a friend referred me to, and after doing a thorough review, I discovered that their headquarters was near my place of work at the time. That was good because it meant I could go hunt them down in person for my salary should anything go wrong.

The good news is I was hired as one of their writers. Even better, I’ve never had a problem collecting salary for the work I did for them. So yes, I can vouch for this group. is no scam. I should know, I’ve been writing for them for years. And to this day I still put in a little extra work whenever I need a little extra cash for a nice bag or a quick vacation. It’s quick and easy. You’re given 24hours to write, then you submit and the editors review your work. Once everything’s been given the stamp of approval, you request for your salary and within a day it’s in your bank account. If you’re a fast writer, you are sure to thrive here.
Though I’m not very popular in the community because I hardly participate in discussions in the forums, I do like to lurk and read posts by the editors and my fellow writers. To a certain degree, it gives me a sense of belonging, something that I feel I am missing sometimes now that I’m freelancing. Maybe I should start engaging more in the community. It would be nice for my exchanges with them to go beyond submissions of articles and reviews anyway.

So yes, to all the working moms, aspiring writers, and anyone out there in search of ways to make a little extra money, why not try applying for Maybe if I see you there, you can convince me to become more active in the forums. Maybe, we’ll see.

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5 thoughts on “How (Unknowingly) Launched My Writing Career

  1. Hi! I just received their confirmation letter that I am now one of their junior writer. My only problem is their website. Is it me, or does it really take this long for a single click to load?

    Also, thanks for sharing this! God bless!

    1. Congratulations! Hope that your experience as one of their writers turns out to be a good one.

      I have to confess, I haven’t been on their site for a really long time, so I’m not sure why it takes long to load. 🙂

  2. Hi! I just applied to this weekend. When I logged into the site. It says that I still can’t access some of the features. I also haven’t received any confirmation letters when I applied. Are there things that I should also do? I have read the manual but there still some things that are not clear to me. I hope to do good here because I have been trying to get a job for the last five months and there are payments I need to make. Don’t get me wrong. I was a writer in my last job and I love writing that’s I was interested in this ad. Hope ytou can help me with this because I want resume my career as a writer not only provide but also to do what I like doing.

  3. Hi, are you still engaged with this job? I just want to get feedback from someone who has been doing this type of freelance job. On the aspect of it being a scam i think i am convinced that it isn’t after verifying it on scam advising sites, feedbacks and of course your blog. I just want to know if this is worth the try? If i excel in writing and do what i am supposed to do on this site will i be compensated well? Is the compensation enough as a part-time job or does it have potential to make us earn more, even more than having a regular job?

    Anyway, sorry for asking too much, i just registered today, and i just got interested on this.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    …by the way, i liked your blog very much, very informative.

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