Rainy Days and Mondays, and Early Mornings Ahead

Two weeks to go until classes officially start for us. I say us, because it will be as much of an adjustment for me as it’s going to be for my little boy. He’s moved up to Senior Prep, where the grades now matter, and I am entering into my first school year as a full-time mom. This is going to be challenging.

First order of business is figuring out the most efficient and effective schedule, and setting up a good routine for us. This is honestly going to be the most difficult task of all, particularly because I am the queen of tardiness. I’ve gotten into trouble for being late countless times for class and for work. This time, though, it’s not about my record, but my son’s. Uh-oh. To make matters more exciting, we’ve decided to shift my late riser to morning classes this year in preparation for first grade where everyone has to come to school at 8am.

Two weeks to go, which means we have time to get used to waking up AND getting up early. Seriously, waking up is one thing, getting up and being able to function is a whole other story. The bed weather in Manila is definitely not helping. But anyway, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So today is trial day one, and I managed to wake up and get up at 6:30am. Much, much better than my usual 9am. Mr C had to wake me, of course. My motivation for waking up early these next two weeks is the need to prepare a packed lunch for Mr C before he leaves for work. Got things done today, and I really hope I get to follow through tomorrow, and the next days.

Making the little guy get up early is another story. The problem essentially lies in getting him to sleep early. He used to be in bed by nine, but throughout the summer, he’s developed an 11pm bedtime. He did open his eyes and talk to me a little at around 7am, but he went back to sleep minutes after. I let him, of course. Is that a bad thing? Will it make it more difficult for me to ease him into an early morning routine later on? Thinking about it now, it’s like I’m somehow teaching my six-year old to hit the snooze button. Eeek. The last thing I want is to create another me – the prince of tardiness.

What’s your daily routine like on school days? Maybe you have some tips that could make this coming school year friendlier for us. We need all the help we can get!


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