The Out-Of-Towners – Zambales Edition!: A Peek into a Private Resort Part1

Mother’s Day Weekend 2012 was spent in Zambales with the family. For this trip, we stayed at the private resort of one of my dad’s colleagues. It’s a really beautiful place with lots to do, and a fabulous strip of light sand. Bookings are done via special arrangement, and they are open to holding weddings, group outings and other functions in the resort. They haven’t yet started marketing the place, but it seems that so far, they get by with word-of-mouth. It’s a little pricey, but the place is clean, quiet and comfortable, and the food is really, really great.

I’ll be sharing more about the food soon. Meanwhile, here’s a little teaser for you.

Crabs anyone?

We stayed in the main house, where the owners stay on their visits. It has three floors, and on the top floor are four bedrooms and two bathrooms. As far as I gathered, these four rooms are the only air-conditioned accommodations on the resort. There are two bedrooms each on either side of the hallway, and in between each pair of bedrooms is a connecting bathroom.

Hallway, and the doors leading out into the sunshine

Mr C, the Kiddo and I took one room, my parents had their own, and my siblings and their special friends took a third room. The fourth room was occupied by the owners, who joined us on our weekend there.

Here’s our room
View from our window
Little boy on what was supposed to be his bed on the floor

Please can I sleep with you on the big bed, mommy?

Parents’ room, with mom standing at the doorway of the adjoining bathroom

Fluffy pillows

Bathroom, which we had to share with everyone else coz we were too shy to share our adjoining bathroom with the resort owners

Rocky, Koko, Mel and Boyong in their room

The second level houses a dining/living area, and a bridge connecting to the reception and dining area. On the ground floor of our house was the male shower/changing area. Below the dining area was another lounging area, a billiard table, and male and female toilets.

Dining tables made from solid wood

Benches overlooking the forest

There are a lot of cute accent pieces lying around, like this nice painted bottle

Pretty light fixture

A wooden boat with Boracay etched onto it’s side, on a bar next to the stairs leading to the third floor

Mr C in his reading nook for the weekend

Smoking is not allowed indoors

Billiard area below the dining room

Bridge connecting to the dining area

View of the dining area from the second floor of our house

The other guest house on the resort is pretty much like the one we stayed in, except the rooms have no air-conditioning. On the ground floor of the other house you will find the female shower/changing area. There is also a honeymoon suite, which is a smaller house further into the property. Everything is really serene and downright beautiful. I imagine a honeymoon here would be fabulous!

I’ll be posting photos of the dining area and the beach front soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, do check out the first two posts in our Zamabales Trip series:


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