Laguna for Lunch

Welcome to part two of my family roadtrip post! It was one of those days where we all thought it would just be nice to get away for the day, since we were all gonna be home on holiday. So on this day in November, we decided to drive all the way to Calauan, Laguna for lunch. The food was great, we got to go fishing, caught nothing, threw some plates and cups against a wall, and got stuck in the rain. It was a great afternoon. I’m glad my family enjoys doing things like this.

Welcome to Isdaan, Laguna!
Boiling and barbecuing huge batches of chicken, pork and beef. Yum!
We had lunch on a floating nipa hut.
And were entertained by three of the funniest singers we’ve ever listened to.

It was too hot to get out of the hut after we placed our orders, so we just took some photos of each other while waiting for our food to arrive.

Little MrC!
My siblings, Boyong and Rocky.
Rocky and Dad.
The little kid who wanted to go out and run around.
Yep, this one is a daddy’s girl.
There’s my mommy!
The little boy and I.

We had steamed rice, snails in coconut milk, lechon manok, grilled liempo, fried calamari, red egg and tomatoes, and shrimp sinigang. Because we were so hungry, we were only able to take photos of the first few dishes that arrived. We were too busy eating already to pull out our cameras once the rest of the food came. Everything was really good. And I mean EVERYTHING!

Steamed rice
Fresh tomatoes and salted eggs
Fresh fruit shake to beat the heat
Kuhol or snails in coconut milk
Shrimp sinigang (sour tamarind broth), my super favorite!
Isdaan’s version of lechon manok.

One of the things I like most about Isdaan is there are a hundred and one spots to take a photo op. Silly as it sounds, our family loves taking pictures with statues, monuments and figurines. At Isdaan, they have huge mermaid statues, statues of celebrities and politicians, and a lot of random stuff all over the property.

Exchanging numbers?
MrC meets Erap
The kiddo and Tita Cory
Hi, boss!
Me being silly
My sister and the mermaid
Batman is here too!
And so is Mickey!
And the Angry Birds
And of course the piggies
The Hulk, ready to do the tacsiyapo!
On our way to the tacsiyapo wall!

We finally got to try the Tacsiyapo Wall where you throw plates, cups, bowls, even old clocks and TV sets against a wall to release your anger. My friends and I keep trying to plan a trip up north to try this in the Tarlac branch, but we’ve never pushed through. It was fun, but a little expensive because you have to pay for the stuff that you break.

Super stress-reliever!

While the kiddo was fishing with his grandparents, it started to rain. Mr C and I got stuck waiting it out at the pasalubong area. There were a lot of native goodies for sale like garlic chips, peanuts, yema, polvoron, candies, tarts and a lot more. Prices were reasonable. I got to take home two pairs of platform wedges for only 700 Pesos! Apparently, shoe shopping is more fun in Laguna.

I love peanuts with toasted garlic chips!

When the rain finally stopped, we were all extremely stuffed and quite tired from our morning adventure. The drive home was just as pleasant as our drive to Laguna. That trip definitely gave us some much needed, and well-deserved family bonding time. The best part is kids who come to Isdaan get a free balloon and bag of goodies.

Yup, I felt like a little kid right there

Our family summer outing is coming up real soon, and I can’t wait! That’s gonna be a fun vacation for sure.


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