Roadtripping with the FamBam!

Last November, we finally had a holiday where everyone got the day off from work/school, dad decided we should go on a road trip. He led the way in his car with half of the family, and we followed in ours with our own set of passengers. It was a really fun an memorable day, as these photos will tell you. First stop, Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna

Bright sunshiney day
The little guy
My dad, sister, Mr C and the Kiddo actually climbed to the top
Photo op with Rizal
Photo taken up there by MrC
Too lazy to climb (Photo by Mr C)
My brother and my mommy
My sister

After visiting Rizal, daddy led us to Los Banos, and we took a short nature trip around Pook Ni Maria Makiling.  I’m pretty open about not being an outdoorsy person, and you can just imagine how anxious I was during this stop.  I kept expecting some creature to jump out at me from the jungle.

Mom and Kiddo about to get out of the car
Not my idea of a perfect morning getaway, but what could I do?
At the parking lot, we were greeted by a duck. Notice mom’s face.
Quack quack
Mr C
My sister, with the tree boys in the background
Lolo, Daddy, Baby
Brother in douche-y pose
More Rocky
The Kid and I
Husband again
Climbing up the steep slope
They found these giant kamias-looking things while walking around
Mom and Boyong being goofballs
Tired from all the walking
Donya in the Jungle
For some reason, Rocky thought it would be nice to take a photo in this spot
Happy to be heading back to the car!!!      

After the Maria Makiling adventure, we were all hungry and excited for lunch. We’ve all been wanting to try out the tacsiyapo wall in Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. On a recent visit there, dad discovered that they had put up a branch in Calauan, Laguna. Since he couldn’t get over how good the lechon manok in Tarlac was, he thought we should all drive down to Calauan for lunch. More about our Isdaan lunch experience in my next post!

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