Razorback for my Birthday!


Celebrated my birthday the best way I know how, at a bar gig with one of my favorite bands on Earth.

When I found out that Razorback would be playing in SanMig Alabang, I asked the husband and best man to reserve a table for us right away. My brother and his girlfriend joined us as well, along with a couple of my best friends.

As I’d expected, the night turned out to be a reunion of sorts, and I’m really happy I got to spend time with some good friends whom I’d not seen in a while.

With my best friend in the whole world!


Me and the only remaining 28 year old in our group.


Pao, Mars, Me – Together in rakenrol since 2004!

A lot of people get surprised when they find out that I actually have some friends in the music scene. I had the privilege of meeting most of them at my first job, where I learned the ins and outs of organizing concerts and music events. I have such fond memories of those days, and I’m happy and proud to say that I worked with the best. I learned from some of the greatest in the industry.

Mr C and I with Kevin Roy


With my former big boss, and the best bassist in Manila, Louie Talan

I totally enjoyed the show, and I’m glad that Razorback played my faves Nakaturo Sa’yo and Diwata. Bonus feature, my forever crush Basti Artadi sang a few songs too, so I got to play fangirl for a night.

Mr C!


Not looking at the cam hehehe!


Wolfgang + Razorback


Of course I had to get everything on video


Razorback, still as good as I remember!

Highlight of the evening – I actually dared Mari to take a photo of Basti holding up a sign that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY if he happened to be at the gig. Didn’t think she’d actually do it (with a little help from Pao and Mr C)!

I’m still unable to act like a grownup in front of this guy hahaha!

I totally missed this. Thanks, guys, for a fun birthday! 

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    1. Hi Mahvic! A friend once told me that you should always find alone time with your hubby, doing something that you both like doing. Nice to know you guys get to go to gigs together. We should start doing that too.

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