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Last Sunday was another one of my working rest days. I dragged my sister Rocky to the mall with me since she didn’t have anything planned anyway.

After walking around for a bit and having new glasses made, we decided to have lunch at the mall’s newly opened Pho Hoa + My Thai + Jack’s Loft restaurant. It was an easy choice since Rocky was instantly sold on the idea of having Thai Milk Tea with lunch. I’m actually not sure how she managed to finish a whole glass of milk tea, plus half of mine. It was really yummy, but super heavy!

Thai Milk Tea

We shared a plate of Pad See Ew noodles, which was good. We also ordered Kung Pao Chicken. Both dishes were really yummy, and the servings were big enough to share. It’s a good thing we decided to wait for our meal to arrive before deciding to order anything more, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to finish our food. To think, the waiter told us that the servings were good for one person only. All in all, our meal cost just a little over PHP600.00, which is not bad by my standards.

Yum yum yummy!
Kung Pao Chicken
Pad See Ew

We enjoyed our lunch so much that we missed a photo op with The Lorax that we were both looking forward to.

I was hoping to try some of the yummy cakes on display at the Jack’s Loft side of the restaurant, but I was already stuffed by the time we cleaned our plates off. At least I have something to look forward to on my next visit.

I will definitely come back to this pink, green, black and white themed restaurant real soon. And next time I will make sure to leave room for dessert.

Pho Hoa + My Thai + Jack’s Loft @ Festival Supermall, Alabang

Pho Hoa + My Thai + Jack’s Loft

3L Chef’s Avenue
Festival Supermall Alabang


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10 thoughts on “My Thai + Pho Hoa

  1. My husband and I went there for lunch today. I ordered the vegetarian pad thai. I was disappointed that they served it with a lemon wedge instead of lime. It just didn’t taste authentic. But my husband was happy with his spicy chicken from the Pho menu. πŸ™‚

  2. great blog. i was quite disappointed with their pad thai though.

    i agree..those cakes at Jacks loft looks yummy but i rather go to cravings for unlimited cakes and.

    1. Hi Jay! Thanks for the visit. I actually liked the noodles. Still waiting to try the cakes. I agree with you though, the unlimited cakes and coffee at cravings really is a great deal.

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