Today I am faced with the harsh truth that I suffer from a yucky skin disease called eczema. It runs in my family, and having had ultra sensitive skin all my life, I knew I had it coming.

I’m guessing it’s a combination of bad eating habits, a shift in weather, stress, and my cocktail of cosmetics and beauty products that triggered the first spot to emerge last Christmas. Since then, not only has it grown, but it’s sprouted friends in other places including my face. Sigh.

Must schedule a visit to the derma ASAP.

My poor eczema-fied neck šŸ™    


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2 thoughts on “Eczema

  1. Hi Patty! Fortunately for you, your eczema appeared on parts of your body that are not exposed. I have skin asthma, which I developed during my late 40’s. And I have been battling with it for a few years. I still have horrible marks on my legs which is the reason why i can not wear skirts like I used to. Aside from medication, we have to take care of our diet too. Let us just be thankful we dont have rashes on the more visible areas of our body..oh well life goes on šŸ™‚

    1. Hi there! What scares me actually is the eczema is starting to show up on the outer corners of my eyes. I read somewhere that this can cause your eyelashes to fall off! Yikes! Really hope this goes away with a healthy diet and medication.

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