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I’m stuck at home today with an upset stomach caused by the antibiotics I’m taking for my monster cough. All day I’ve been surfing the internet, looking for the best hotel for my super vacation in September. It’s been about nine months since I’ve experienced a vacation leave, as mine won’t be credited until I hit the one year mark at my new job this April. So, while patiently waiting, I’m building up my list of places to visit once I gain my access passes to freedom, aka my leave credits. First on the list, and already booked, is my September Boracay adventure with Mr C in celebration of our first wedding anniversary.

In the meantime, I’m allowed this magnificent thing called a change of day off at work. Since I’m not entitled to overtime, I’ve made sure to maximize my offsetting privileges over the past few months. This weekend will be one of those times. Our family is taking a much needed 3-day vacation filled with togetherness and love. We will be staying at the resort of a family friend in Batangas and I am beyond excited that my pale vampire-like skin will once again be sun-kissed!

I’m also looking for nice things that Mr C and I can do with a kiddo on weekends, like day trips to historic places, or fun educational trips. I only get one day off in the week and I want to start filling it with worthwhile bonding activities for the three of us. Nothing too expensive, of course, and it should just be around the city or somewhere nearby. Maybe you guys could suggest something. Honestly, if I had it my way, I would book an overnight stay at a hotel on weekends when we have nothing to do. Unfortunately my wallet disagrees with me.

Any suggestions? Seriously, I’m open to anything from Corregidor to Tagaytay to Intramuros to Malacanang. As long as it’s fun and family-friendly!

Much love and happiness,



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