Learning to De-Clutter

Cleanup Time
My Makeshift Dresser (Photographed with my Nikon D3000)

One of my biggest challenges to myself this year is to find a way to finally clean up our room. The kiddo is slowly but surely getting bigger, Mr C and I keep getting bigger (which should really stop now that the holiday season is over), and we keep acquiring new stuff, even though we know there isn’t enough space to put everything in anymore.

Our room was designed as a bedroom for two children, and it now houses two adults and a child, so go figure about the lack of space. However, I’ve watched enough Lifestyle Channel to know that something can be done to make the space work for us. We just need to try, and I mean really try. More than anything, what will be difficult for me is the actual letting go of stuff. I find sentimental value in everything and still keep even old notes passed in class. Yes, it’s true.

I took the first step yesterday by organizing my makeshift vanity table. I got new makeup boxes from Muji, and now everything has its own little place. One step at a time, and I know I can finish the rest of the room. I should probably quit buying stuff too until I can manage to sort through and store everything properly. This would also be a good incentive to keep going. I really don’t think I lack storage so there isn’t any need to get any more, except for those makeup boxes hehe.

So here’s to me learning to be clutter-free for real. Every year I try, and every year I fail, but I really think I should get to it already while my space to manage is still small. Within the next two years, we plan to move into our own home, and by then I need to be a master cleaner/organizer already. I know that when the time comes I will finally get my own dresser – a real one – and a nice space that’s big enough for our small family. It means a lot to me that when we have our own house, I’ll know what to do to keep it clean and livable.

So yeah, I think I’m gonna start now.

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