Two Down!

Got my Seattle’s Best Journal yesterday! My to do list has been getting longer by the day and my trusty AXN notebook from Mr C is slowly but surely running out of blank pages. I almost settled on a basic boring blue steno notebook for all my note taking needs, but luckily I now can continue to write in style. Too bad it doesn’t come with a pen, but it does have a little handy notepad, and a CD of music that I suppose they play in the stores. My favorite freebies that come with the journal are, of course, the free drinks, and the 24hours worth of free in-store WiFi coupons!

Yay! It’s mine, all mine!
Got the green one. (Sorry for the lousy phone cam photo)
SBC store music sampler?
Notepad. Super useful.



Free drinks + free WiFi. Couldn’t ask for more!
I love ruled pages!
SBC logo stamped at the back of the journal.

Now that I have both of the coffee shop diaries I wanted, I’m guessing I’ll be able to cut down on coffee. Or maybe not.


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