Dreaming of A Summer Vacation

Over the past few nights, I’ve been tirelessly browsing the internet in search for a good deal on a nice place where the boys and I can go for a vacation this summer. It will be the kiddo’s first summer break now that he’s in big school, and this gives us the perfect excuse to go on our first big vacation as a family. Personally, I’m itching to go on a nice relaxing 3-day, 2-night trip anywhere. I’d like to think that Mr C, the kiddo and I all deserve it for working so hard this past year.

So far, I’m dreaming about a stay at Discovery Shores or Two Seasons in Boracay, a visit to Bellarocca, a trip to Panglao, or a nice weekend in Cebu. I need to make sure that we find a place that’s kid-friendly, and won’t completely wipe out our savings. The food MUST be good, and there has to be a lot of nice activities that we can do together. And yes, I’ve got my sights set on going to the beach. My pale skin is screaming for some sun.

Suggestions are welcome for a good place to stay, and nice things to do at any of these places. Or maybe there’s a nice destination that I’ve not thought of that fulfills my requirements? Do share. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Event more excited still about the prospect of finally, FINALLY going on vacation!


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