Work-Life Balance + Healthy Living 101

There are just so many things I want to do, but with my erratic schedule, it gets hard figuring out how to squeeze everything in. Yes, that is the perfect excuse, if I do say so myself.

Looking at it from a broader perspective, I actually have a better work-life balance now than I did at the beginning of this year. I am able to do more leisure activities, spend more time with family, I get to write more, and I get to sleep better. Eventually, when my leave credits come in, I know I’ll get to go on a vacation, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. But despite all my new found free time, I still feel like there are more things I’ve yet to be able to do for myself.

Maybe the essential problem is not lack of time, but improper schedule management. I figure if I did manage my time well, I wouldn’t be late for work in the morning. I’d find time to prepare packed lunch, and even squeeze in an early morning walk. I’d have time to do homework with the kiddo before dinner. I’d be able to sleep earlier too. It’s the same scenario as my wanting to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle – I know what the problem is, I know how to fix it, I just can’t seem to get around to doing it. Maybe I need to commit to the idea of a complete lifestyle change more. Maybe I’m just to lazy to get moving. Maybe I don’t want it enough. But I really think I should get started soon, on the lifestyle change I mean. Maybe I lack motivation.

What motivates you to keep your schedule in check, to manage your time well? How do you make the most out of your day? And what do you do to live a healthier life? I’d love to hear from you. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.



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