Tech Envy, Year Four

So I’m thinking of changing my phone again. I have a serious case of tech envy. Every time something new comes along I want it, specially if a lot of my friends are starting to have it. It all began with the Nokia 5110. Back in the day, it was absolutely the hottest mobile phone with its slim body and colorful Xpress On Covers. I got one right when it was at its most popular, a birthday gift from my dad. In less than six months, It got stolen from my bag due to my own carelessness. Cue momentary depression, followed shortly by the desire for a new phone.  In the years that followed, I’ve gone through countless handsets. For a long time, I was loyal to Nokia, upgrading from a 3210 to a 3310, and eventually moving up to the 8250, the first phone with a blue light, which I also tragically lost in less than 6 months. After that I tried out the shockproof, orange lighted 5210,  fell in love with my first camera phone, the 7650, downgraded to the 6100, then inherited my dad’s 6630.

When I started working in Smart, my tech envy got worse, since I always had to be aware of the latest mobile phone releases.  In 2008, my second year in the telco business, I bought myself my first hard-earned unit, the Nokia 6680 in a limited edition black finish. The discovery of vanity colors made upgrading my handset even more exciting, and since then I made an effort to pursue the special edition colors, even if it meant the unit would cost a little bit more. If I’m not mistaken, the 6680 is my longest surviving handset. In fact, I still use it now for my secondary line.

I got a taste of my first smartphone in 2009 when Mr C got me a Nokia E66 for Christmas, and all of a sudden my standards went up. I just loved how it could do so much! The bar had been raised as far as functionality and style were concerned, and I was not turning back ever. I just had to keep moving forward and upgrading. Well, I didn’t actually have to, but I wanted to, more than ever before.

The Christmas after that, I got my first Android Smartphone, my HTC Wildfire from my favorite mobile phone distributor Yogi. Of course, he found me a limited edition red colored unit. I was perfectly content with my Android phone, enjoying my games and apps, until the day I noticed that everyone seemed to be on BBM. It’s only been a year since I got the Wildfire, and this is causing me to have guilty feelings about wanting to replace it already. But while the whole touch screen concept was fun at first, I am now wanting a physical keypad again. I actually had a chance to test an HTC Snap for a time while my Wildfire’s LCD screen was being repaired, and I actually liked the feel of qwerty.

BBM + qwerty keypad = I want a Blackberry too!

I’ve been debating with myself about getting a new handset for about a month now. If not for my present lack of funds and extreme self control, I’d probably be BBM-ing away with the rest of them already. I’m also deciding if it will be better to get a tablet rather than a new phone, but that doesn’t really satisfy my qwerty + BBM curiosity. At the same time, looking back at the past few years, it seems that I practically change my phone annually. That means getting a new handset on my current phone’s first anniversary is nothing new. Yes, it is pretty extravagant, but nothing new. The decision of whether or not it’s time to get a new phone is a tough one to make. At the end of the day, i don’t need a new phone but I want a Blackberry. And yes, I can be spoiled sometimes. That’s why I was extremely happy when earlier today, Mr C gave me the answer to my dilemma – he said he’d get me a Blackberry for Christmas! Aren’t I the luckiest wife ever?

So now I’m stuck in another dilemma – which model do I get?

It never ends!



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4 thoughts on “Tech Envy, Year Four

  1. Hi April! It’s actually Mrs C. My URL is MrsPCuyugan because Mr C’s first name also starts with a P, so he is MrPCuyugan. Hehe.

    I’m excited to get my Blackberry. Been on a smartphone for some time now, but never had a BB. Can’t wait to BBM!

  2. Hi Mrs P! (not sure if I should call you Mrs P or Mrs C coz your hubby is Mr C. hehehe). Me, I have a BB Curve 9300. Actually, I just got it about 3 weeks ago (plan from Globe). It’s my first time to use a smart phone and a Blackberry. And I am sooooo loving it. I’m always tinkering on it all the time! πŸ™‚ Let me know once you have your BB so we can BBM away! πŸ™‚


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