Giving My Dreams A SHOT!

A friend recently gave me the opportunity of a lifetime – to get published.

Becoming a writer has always been my lifelong dream. I believe that we all have a million and one stories to tell, and all we need to do is find our medium. Some draw, others paint, many speak, I write. To me, life makes sense in front of a white screen with a flashing cursor, or with a blank sheet or paper and a good pen.

With a little encouragement form loved ones, and a particularly persistent push from my sister Rocky, I set out to follow my writing dreams. I started with a little bit of content writing, discovered that I really enjoy continuity writing specially for live events, and found copywriting to be immensely challenging but extremely rewarding. The constant writing allowed me to gain confidence in myself and in my work. It’s true that practice makes perfect. This is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to return to blogging. I figured nothing would give me a better opportunity to constantly write than the knowledge that someone is reading, and that’s exactly what blogging does for me. As my page view count goes up, so does my drive to keep on writing. Maybe people just happen to pass by the page, some stumble upon it by accident, some will choose to stay and read, others will be back again. I know that I can tell my stories to all of these people, and that is just wonderful. I want to keep them coming back so I need to keep writing. And I need to write well.

So now I’ve been given an opportunity to go to the next level, to get published. In a real magazine. I’m so excited about this and I hope my article makes the cut. If I do get published, I promise that my blog readers will be the first to know. After all, these are the guys who stick with me and my words day by day. Whether or not I make it, I’m just happy for the chance to write. And I will be proud of myself, no matter what the outcome, for simply giving it my best SHOT!



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