Getting Back On Track, Slowly But Surely

Today was my first day of Zumba Fitness at Gold’s Gym Alabang. Like I mentioned a few blog posts ago, I just signed on for a year at Gold’s Gym, following the expiration of my six-month membership at Slimmer’s World Alabang. In all honesty, Slimmer’s was a total waste of money for me. I didn’t like it there, and so I wasn’t motivated to go. I think I only went four or five times during my membership, and now I regret not signing on for a shorter period instead. But anyway, that’s over and done with, and I’m now back at Gold’s, the first gym I ever went to, and I am so happy to be back. When I first enrolled in 2009, my schedule didn’t allow me to make it to any of the classes. This time around, I can take all the evening classes I want! So tonight I started with my first Zumba experience.

I have a feeling I will wake up all stiff, with limbs that feel like lead, and muscles that are too sore to function. I honestly miss that feeling. I have been out of shape for so long that my body is now actually looking for the exercise. One thing I realized in class today was how much heavier I am now. It took a lot of effort for me to maintain my balance, to stay on my toes and not find myself flat-footed in the middle of dancing. I lost my footing a number of times, and I realized how difficult it is for me now to bend, turn, twist, pivot, and shake my booty like there’s no tomorrow. It makes me a little sad because I used to dance when I was still in school, and feeling myself struggle to keep up makes me feel a wee bit defeated. The good news is I’m, excited to try again tomorrow. My mother-in-law, a certified Zumbaholic, told me not to feel discouraged if I can’t follow all the steps at first. Now I totally get what she means, and I look forward to the day when I can do at least one of the dances without a misstep.

So tomorrow is another day, and I’m looking forward to spending time at the gym again. I’m happy to be getting back on track, slowly but surely. In my showbiz statement to Mr C over dinner I said, ‘I’m looking forward to all my gym visits because I want to be healthy. Losing weight will just be one of the perks.’

Don’t you just love it?

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