Report Card Day!

I love days like today when I get to perform mommy duties. Since I have ingress at the mall tonight, I was able to change to closing shift and free up my morning to pick up Tristan’s report card from school. I’m really happy that I was able to do that because it’s the Kiddo’s first report card in big school, and I really wanted to hear his teacher’s feedback on his performance and behavior. I was the second parent from his class to arrive, proof that I really was excited. I’m NEVER early!

While waiting for the first mommy to finish her consultation, I took a look at the kids’ displayed projects and saw Tristan and his dad’s photo on the reading board.

When It was finally my turn to speak with Teacher Lou, I was so happy to hear that Tristan has been doing exceptionally well in school. He has excellent grades and behavior in class, is friends with everyone, and helps out his teacher too. I’m so proud of him! I’m proud of Bong and myself as well, because it means were doing OK in the parenting department.

Now to figure out what would be a nice prize for the Kiddo…

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