Challenge Accepted.

I’m going on a diet and my target weight loss is 50lbs. Frank and straightforward – I believe that is the only way to say it. I wish I were more excited about this, but maybe that will come when I start to see results.

To keep myself motivated, I have enlisted the support of my husband. The deal is that by the time I hit the 50lb weight loss mark, he should have already quit smoking. He accepted after I reminded him that he has A LOT of time to work on it.

How do I plan on doing this? The right way, of course. Time to develop better eating habits. More fruits and vegetables, less sweets and refined carbs. Time to kick the soda habit and to save fastfood for cheat days. Time to go back to that good old calorie counting and food journal habit. Lucky for me there are now apps that serve as both a calorie counter and food diary. Don’t you just love technology?

And of course, since misery loves company, I have every intention of blogging about my 50lb challenge. And maybe eventually I’ll post my real weight. Maybe.


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2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted.

  1. Hi Yedy! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’ll definitely be needing a lot of that to help keep me motivated.

    Here’s a thought – if I get to try nice healthy recipes, Ill post them here and maybe you can try them out too. 🙂

    xo Chumsy

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