Another Super Saturday

Because I have every intention of resting early so I can finally fix my sleeping habits, I decided have my Saturday treat a little earlier today. Although my day was spent at work, I allowed myself to take some time off for leisurely activities in between tasks. Spent a good hour or so making my first ever papercraft toy while chatting with our sounds and lights guy this afternoon. He is now stationed on a shelf at the office, standing guard.

Aren’t you a little short for a Storm Trooper?

We left the mall for a bit to take a quick peek at our setup at Westgate for the BFF Pet Event tomorrow. Our Creatives Department really did a great job on our Halloween centerpiece, a magical castle with a life-sized wizard. Will be posting photos of our BFF and Halloween setup after tomorrow’s event. Praying for good weather and lots of attendees. I also hope a lot of people come over to have their pictures taken at the castle while it’s up. While at Westgate, Mica and I stopped by UCC for some cake and coffee. I ordered my favorite Red Velvet Cake to share and a Hot Caramel Macchiato. Mica had an Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

Craving Satisfied!
Mica already took a spoonful off the whipped cream on top before I got to snap a photo.
My favorite drink in any coffee shop – Caramel Macchiato!

I also got myself a little something on impulse today.  I’m really happy about it and I’ve no regrets.  Although, I really need to stop buying things out of the blue, especially things that cost 4-digits and above.  Oh well. I’ll just have to pack lunch for the next month or so to make up for this one.

New bag!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!

UCC Coffee Café, Westgate
Unit C 801-802 Westgate, Filinvest Alabang
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 771-1550 (02) 771-1549


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