If there’s one thing I miss about my previous jobs, it would have to be all the wonderful travelling.  I’ve been to many great places around the Philippines for work over the years – Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Boracay, El Nido, Cagayan de Oro, Linggayen, Puerto Prinsesa, Clark, Subic, Batangas… And the list goes on.

It’s been nearly six months now since I started my new job, and looking at it on a day-to-day perspective, the location and the fact that I’m now based in one fixed area is ever so convenient.  I seriously miss travelling and staying at nice hotels and all that, though.  My wanderlust has been activated, and I think this was brought about by our wedding weekend hotel hopping experience, which I completely enjoyed.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been going through photos of nice vacation spots and bed and breakfasts and hotels in Manila and nearby provinces, looking for nice little getaway spots that the Hubs and I can easily sneak away to.  I’m also looking for a great deal on a honeymoon vacation destination that we hopefully will get to go to by next year, around the time of my birthday.  Am thinking maybe somewhere in Bohol, since I’ve never been there before?  Bellarocca looks pretty too, but I’m worried there might not be much to do once were there already.

For a quick getaway, Tagaytay is always top of mind since it’s so close to home.  I’ve always wanted to stay at Discovery Country Suites, but the price is pretty steep.  We’ve already tried Boutique Bed and Breakfast, which was pretty ok.  There are a lot of B&B’s sprouting in Tagaytay actually, and I’m pretty intrigued by T House and Lee Boutique Hotel.  Of course, there’s always that option for a quick overnight getaway at one of the nice hotels in the city.

Oh how I wish we could plan a monthly escape.  Then again, that might be a bit too much.

*Cue daydreaming*

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